2018 will be remembered as the year of tech censorship: Only delusional liberals still try to deny the attacks on free speech

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Like previous years, 2018 will be remembered for a great many things, but one of them that isn’t likely to get much mention by the Leftist ‘mainstream’ media is that it was a year of big tech censorship.

As the stock market soared to record heights, the Chicago White Sox were enduring a tough rebuilding year, and the Left’s “resistance” to POTUS Donald Trump grew, only the conservatives who were targeted by the social media behemoths for silencing will remember what happened to them last year.

As Breitbart News reported:

In virtually any given week in 2018, you could expect at least one of the following: the media would run a negative story about the president, a Democrat would complain about Russia, and a tech platform would censor a prominent conservative.

The news site noted further that all three of those things are connected. The so-called “alternative media” (hint: sites like ours) has increasingly served as a reliable check on the hysterics of the once-dominant establishment media, much of which has shed scores of viewers or readers as it lost even more credibility throughout the year. (Related: YouTube alters search results to appease pro-abortion Leftists who seek total domination over all online content.)

But that’s why such news outlets have sustained relentless assaults by the big tech giants — the “masters of the universe in Silicon Valley,” as Breitbart noted, “who have either banned them from their platforms or undercut their traffic with algorithm changes,” both with an eye towards putting them out of business altogether. Even as the alternative media was attacked and suppressed, the big tech giants poured millions into propping up the old media.

Meanwhile, two years into the Trump presidency, Democrats continue to claim that he “colluded with Russia to steal the election” from Hillary Clinton, despite the continued emergence of evidence showing just how minuscule the Kremlin’s “influence operation” was. In fact, you could argue that the Russia-style meddling operation launched against GOP senatorial candidate Roy Moore in Alabama was a more concerted, much larger effort that very likely did have a negative effect on his chances.

In Alabama, a Democrat-aligned tech company spent $100,000 on social media ads in an “experiment” that mimicked “Russian influence;” meanwhile, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, told Congress recently that his company only discovered $4,700 in advertising spending from Moscow-linked firms in the 2016 presidential election cycle.

So many examples of Left-wing bias and censorship

The same Democrats who continue to scream “Russia, Russia, Russia!” also deny that the tech giants are actually banning and censoring conservative and Right-leaning figures and voices, when anyone who can rub two brain cells together knows that’s happening. Here are just a few examples:

— Alex Jones was deplatformed from every major social media platform in existence — YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others — before he finally found a new home at Brighteon.com, a rising star in video platforms.

— A critic of violent Islam, Robert Spencer, was banned by Patreon in response to sustained pressure by credit card companies.

— Conservatives Candice Owens and actor James Woods were both suspended by Twitter.

— Twitter banned conservative activist Laura Loomer, GOP consultant R.C. Maxwell, and Gavin McInnis, founder of Proud Boys.

— Facebook banned I, Hypocrite, a page that drew attention to hate speech by the far Left. The platform also banned Avi Yemini, a Jewish-Australian Israel Defense Force vet and conservative activist. McInnis was also banned by Facebook.

— Just a few weeks before the 2018 midterms, Facebook banned more than 800 alternative news and media sites. Rank-and-file conservatives who don’t have the influence to shame the platform into reinstating them have also been banned.

The censorship got so bad that POTUS Donald Trump even noticed. In August he blasted the social media behemoths for their bias and vowed action in the future to prevent it.

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