America Is a Dead Man Walking Because American Youth, or Their Minds, Have Been Stolen

zombie youth

The United States is a screwed-up country.  It this regard, the US has few rivals.

The legal voting age in the US is 18 years of age, which is also the age of female sexual consent and military enlistment.  So at 18 years of age youth can affect the governance of the country, get legally laid, kill and die in combat, but are considered too irresponsible to imbibe alcohol and purchase a pistol from a licensed dealer until three years later at age 21.

An 18 year old can be sent off to war armed to the teeth, but cannot legally purchase a pistol in a gun store.  He or she can influence how we are governed but cannot purchase a drink at a bar or restaurant.

What does an 18-year old know about politics, life, anything?  Except in very rare circumstances, nothing at all.

The anti-American, anti-Western civilization (dead white men), anti-white indoctrination (systemic racism) that is the main function of an American university education is filtering down into the high schools and elementary schools. The United States is perhaps the first country to use education to destroy its own future.  Most certainly, the US is the first country to make multicultural existence impossible.  The Identity Politics of the liberal-progressive-left splits the country into hostile Identity Groups, some of whom have successfully cultivated victim status, which they use to oppress those without it, primarily heterosexual white males.

The anti-American, anti-white liberal-progressive-left has succeeded in brainwashing large swaths of American youth.  In America the best students for the country are no longer the A students.  The best students are the C students who are turned off by the indoctrination and just want to get on with their lives.

It is the A students who are receptive to the demonization of their country and themselves.  These students have been targeted by the Democrats for massive voter registration.  They have been refocused on overthrowing the “orange-haired racist/misogynist” in the White House.

It is unfortunate that the future of the United States depends on brainwashed, ignorant youth full of self-assertion and confidence that they know best.

But it does.  Therefore, the United States is doomed.

The Russians and Chinese are likely the future rulers, if they can free their minds from the propaganda that the United States is the Hegemonic and Indispensable Nation empowered to rule by the End of History.

Fortunately for the rest of us, both Russia and China have gone through despotic eras that, apparently, the ruling elites themselves are tired of and want no more of.

Liberation often comes, not from those who speak its language, but from those who have suffered its absence.

Graduates of American schools need a decade to recover from the indoctrination.  I propose that the legal voting age in the US be legislated at 30 years of age.  Perhaps it would be best if the voting age was 40 years of age or even 50.  By then at least some people have learned lessons from life.  At 18 no lessons have been learned.

To allow people judged too irresponsible to order a drink or to purchase a pistol to influence, even determine, the governance of a country is mindless.

Especially in America.


  1. “Just like the pied piper, led rats through the streets, swing like marionettes, swaying to the symphony…OF DESTRUCTION!!!”-Megadeth, Symphony of Destruction.

    Who’s teaching your kids? Really? Honestly? Truly? What is ‘education’? Is it really any more than absorption of content from various sources and accepting information thus provided as fact from which you’re supposed to draw given conclusions that match the answer key? What if the majority of your child’s ‘education’ really has little or nothing to do with the context of the textbook or classroom lectures? What if ‘education’ is more like the global environment in which your student is daily immersed? What are YOU teaching your kid, so to speak, and what are they learning for themselves, from their favorite music, from the internet, from their friends, pretty much from anything else OUTside the school environment, while school is basically government-funded daycare with books in which to warehouse the kids while the parents are at work? What is youth rebellion and what are its origins? I say there’s more going on than the pundits and politicians fully understand, and part of it is the younger generation rebelling against The Establishment. Youth might not be formally educated or indoctrinated into all this, but they also have a voice of their own. Whether or not they elect to use it is up to them, likewise what they choose to say. So make no assumptions nor put words in their mouths. Also beware influences that will chose to use young people as ‘useful idiots’ for a given cause, because that’s the other thing going on today: Recruiting. And, it’s not just the military doing the recruiting.

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