Another Solution to Lockdowns: The Constitutional Lawyers

constitutional law

There are a few principles involved in any effort to change the direction of fascist control.

One person alone doing or saying something may have an effect.

Two hundred people—each on his own—doing or saying the same basic thing—will have a significant effect.

Two hundred people—some alone and some together—will have a larger effect.

A person who sees himself as isolated and alone will probably not believe his actions have any effect. So he stays silent. He could have an IQ of 90 or 190; he stays silent.

The primary mistake lockdown opponents are making comes down to: failure to see the bigger picture.

And the big picture is composed of many different individuals and groups taking action of various kinds—which add up to a tsunami of our own, against the wall-to-wall messaging of the lockdown liars and fascists.

I’ve read a great deal of what constitutional lawyers have to say about the lockdowns. I’m not talking about heroic lawyers who are actively filing lawsuits against governments. I mean lawyers who are largely spelling out problems in bringing these cases to court.

Problems having to do with judges, with the intricacies of the law, with past court decisions, with technical issues.

If two hundred of those lawyers instead turned their attention to BASIC constitutional foundations, and published papers and essays and spoke out on THAT subject, we would see a tide beginning to turn in our favor.

Constitutional lawyers are, first and foremost, supposed to understand the underlying meaning and purpose of the Constitution, which takes precedent over minutiae.

If they can’t see the forest for the trees, they should pack up their offices and seek other work.

So let me repeat what I’ve been saying for months. There is a constitutional line that can’t be crossed for ANY reason. A government can’t take away the freedom of citizens because some disaster has occurred.

This goes beyond the question of whether the disaster is real or imagined. It doesn’t matter. Freedom to live, to live out in the open, to work, to do business, to survive, is untouchable.

There are a million ways to spell this out. I challenge constitutional lawyers to DO IT. Not just a few lawyers. MANY. Go to work. Your area of focus is the jackpot of all legal focuses: the Constitution itself, why it is there, what it means, what it is FOR.

What are you waiting for? The sky to collapse?

Why aren’t 200 or 5000 of you turning into tigers?

Are you trying to prove to doomsayers that they’re right and we’re all irretrievably going down the drain?

Is that your final response to the constitutional crisis we’re facing?

Is the measure of your worth the amount of dilly-dallying you can perform on the minutiae surrounding the eternal struggle for FREEDOM?

Realize that if a few hundred of you publish and speak out, you can have an enormous effect.

I understand that some of you know very little about gaining publicity for your views. I do know something about gaining publicity for the truth. If a group of 20 of you comes to me, I will give you what I can to help you achieve visibility.

Turn your attention to writing and speaking on behalf of the people, instead of the media and your colleagues. Come to grips with what first inspired you to study the founding documents of the Republic—before the practicalities of your profession turned you into…

Whatever you are now.

If you think I’m being unduly harsh on you, take a look at the economic and political landscape. Look at the devastation. Ask yourself under what banner this tyrannical operation marches. And what it is doing to people.

Everyone speaks of “culture” these days. Well, you constitutional lawyers can influence the culture directly. You can make a heroic stand. You can make your words have fire, just as the words of Paine and John Adams and Samuel Adams ignited minds, when it counted.

Be heroes, not clerks.







Reprinted with permission from Jon Rappoport’s blog.


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