Before Trump, if you blamed the Government for anything, you were a conspiracy theorist, but now the Left blames everything on Trump and “Government Conspiracy!”

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It’s official. Trump won the Presidency because… the Russians. Even though Barrack Obama said right before he left Washington D.C. that rigging the election is impossible. Still, that’s the mass media conspiracy theory and they’re sticking to it, for 3 years and running. Chem-trails are no longer a conspiracy theory; in fact, that’s how we’re supposedly going to save the world from the ever-increasingly-hot sun, by spraying deadly sun-blocking chemicals into our atmosphere. Before Snowden and Trump, if you said the government was spying on everyone, you were a conspiracy-theory-wielding nut job.

Now, everybody knows it’s true, and they like it, because it helps them shop on line and get tailored news to their feed. Used to be, if you were talking about fake news, you were on independent media recognizing all the lies, and everybody agreed. Now, if you point out fake news to their face, the Left goes immediately into freak-out mode, also known as Trump Derangement Syndrome. You can’t even have a rational discussion with anyone on the Left anymore.

Before Trump, if you blamed the Government for mass shootings, you were a conspiracy theorist (even though, per video footage, every single car at the Sandy Hook incident was a government issued car – black, white, or silver, and they all blocked the roads so no emergency vehicles could even access the school). Now, every mass shooting is blamed on Trump for “inciting the fires of racism” with all his hate and white supremacist power speeches and for tweeting meany tidbits on Twitter.

For eight long years, if you blamed Obama for anything, you were a racist

Before Trump, if you blamed Obama for anything, YOU were a racist. Now, if you side with our President on anything, you are a racist.

Before Trump, if you flipped over police cars, set their precinct on fire, beat down people who disagreed with you nearly to death, and destroyed national monuments, you were a terrorist. Now, you are considered a peaceful protester who cannot be told to stand down by any police because all police are now racists, even the Black ones.

Before Trump, if you threatened to kill the President verbally or by posting it online, you were questioned by the FBI and threatened with jail time; now it’s a social media trend that fits right in with “community guidelines.”

Before Trump, if you believed 9/11 was an inside job, you were a conspiracy theorist, even though there were videos of Building 7 caving in, demolition style, that the U.S. Government has yet to explain. That was pre-planned, but how?

Now, the Democrats in Congress are all sociopathic socialists who literally want to dismantle and decimate America by having no borders, no police, no fuel for anything, no small businesses, and free “everything” for illegal aliens.

Before Trump, spying on your rival’s presidential campaign staff was treasonous

Before Trump, if a political campaign spied on another right before the Presidential election, it was considered treason, but now, since it was all done to Trump, it’s just “opposition research” and a “dossier” (obtained with fraudulent FISA warrants).

Under Obama, nobody ever accused him of keeping illegal immigrant children in cages at the border, but he did. If you said some crap like that on social media, you would be banned, blacklisted and censored for violating community guidelines with hate speech and fake news. Yet somehow that conspiracy theory became mainstream news that was Trump’s fault, even though the pictures were from the Obama era.

Before Trump, if you called mainstream media “fake news,” you were a conspiracy theorist, but now one of the smartest presidents in US history calls CNN, NYT and WAPO fake news every day, and he’s right, and he’s proven it time and time again, but he’s accused of “hate.”

Tune your internet dial to for updates on real conspiracy theories proven by the Right and all the new fake ones being wielded by the Left. It’s hilarious.

Like you said yourself Obama, no serious person alive believes that a U.S. election can be rigged.

So tell us again, who are the conspiracy theorists now?

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  1. well it wasn’t leftys that demolitioned all 7 of the world trade center buildings, right bush?
    but lefty has had 19 years now to speak up about it and still has not, so they are just as much to blame as righty was. right, bush? right.

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