Can someone slap her please? AOC calls the Electoral College a ‘scam’ and says the system is ‘racist’

AOC is stupid

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has made it very clear that she doesn’t like America as is. She has radical ideas that would dramatically change America, down to our very core. She’s stated she wants to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). She wants to abolish the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). And now, she wants to abolish the Electoral College, the very system that was put in place to protect rural Americans from being outvoted by larger, more populous states.

On Monday, AOC posted an Instagram Live video explaining why she believes the Electoral College is a “scam.”

“We’re coming to you live from the Electoral College,” Ocasio-Cortez said as she recorded an empty desert highway. “Many votes here as you can see. Very efficient way to choose leadership of the country. I mean, I can’t think of any other way, can you?”

And, of course, according to the freshman Congresswoman, the system is also racist.

“The Electoral College has a racial injustice breakdown,” AOC explained. “Due to severe racial disparities in certain states, the electoral college effectively weights white voters over voters of color, as opposed to a ‘one person, one vote’ system where all are counted equally.”

She addressed the biggest concern behind abolishing the Electoral College: with populous blue states making the decisions for the country as a whole.

While proponents of the Electoral College insist that each state must have a set number of votes corresponding to their populations in a national election in order to keep large states from having too much power and ensure that rural voters are not forgotten by candidates, Ocasio-Cortez suggested that conservatives actually want the system kept in place in order to give white voters a greater say in who wins elections.

“Due to severe racial disparities in some states the Electoral College effectively weighs white voters over voters of color,” the congresswoman wrote.

“The rural representation argument doesn’t hold up either,” she added, “as there are rural parts of virtually every state, and popular vote elections show that candidates still visit and center rural communities’ needs.”

“Facts are facts, America,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “The Electoral College has to go.”

Supporters of the Electoral College have also voiced a fear that abolishing it could lead to a second civil war if disenfranchised rural states seek to leave the Union.

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  1. If the Electoral College goes, so does the “UNITED” States. If millions of non-citizens in CA, NY, IL, and the other blue states can control the elections then 3/4 of the states would be unrepresented in Washington and have no reason to remain in the Union.

    AOC is a child. She knows not and knows not that she knows not. She is too stupid to know she is stupid. She ran for office without even learning what our form of government is.

    • Hey U idiot! Listen
      USA(I) elections are a farce. Check this out–every 8 years each party takes turns,–like clock work.Except jimmy Carter one term. He got the swift boot because he want America out of Afagaistine and leave the Palestinians alone. Bet 10 $ Trump in again and Dems 2024

  2. Now ?? Did anyone with an IQ above room temperature, listen to that moronic bimbo ??
    & my sincere apologies to all the bimbos??

  3. AOC, call the kettle black much? You are a fake, a liar, a racist, a communist, … could go on and on. Typical Liberal Progressive Socialist projection to the opposition.

  4. An audit of a popular vote would be a nightmare. Every district in every state. We do need some reform in voting like paper ballots, unbiased auditors and voter id would help. Everything is racist according to AOC.
    What she doesn’t realize is that a lot of POC’s as she call them will vote for Donald Trump. I think its half of the Hispanics and about a third of African Americans. So its racists not to count them as a lot of them live in places other than California and New York.

    • Very possible. They are CORRECT on their warnings against GARBAGE Epstein RAPING 911 doing ISRAEL but they look like clowns so who takes them seriously?

  5. actually it is a scam, the founders did not believe the general population was well enough informed on issues to select a president. voting is another scam. those who don’t know facts will get their panties in a twist. i suppose it could be called racist in some ways.

    • Many Thanks Chris!
      Blood thirsty Americans have killed millions and now are after China Venusislia. No shame!

    • Hmmm, no they were worried about faction (mob like behavior) and they created the electoral college to check it. Since AOC is a demagogue, she and her ilk would deem it an impediment to their plans for absolute rule (where real truth would cease to exist).

  6. So now Sandy wants to nationalize the vote like Hillary tried for decades. Does that make her a national socialist?

    Sandy sounds like my authoritarian grandmother. As long as you remember Sandy’s 3 Rules for radicals, she won’t punish you.

    “Russia, Racist, Recession”…pull the string it talks.

    Carbon tax ponzi schemes were a bust, immigration racketeering and child exploitation wasn’t working out well, now Sandy’s race hustling like Al Sharpton pretending to be Frederick Douglas as she waves bloody shirts and denounces the bill of rights.

    Posers gonna pose.

    Next up? Selected readings from Chairman Mao’s 3rd world socialism for dummies.

  7. They are CORRECT in warning about GARBAGE ISRAEL that RAPES / BLACKMAILS and MURDERS our people like THEY DID on 911! I call that an ENEMY! zioTrumpy and the ClinTOONs call them ALLIES! GET IT?

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