Climate change HOAX has literally convinced a member of Congress that “the world is going to end in 12 years”

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As we’ve all witnessed over the last few days with the massive, coordinated media hoax over the Covington Catholic School students, the fake news pushed by the dishonest left-wing media has real consequences.

In the hours following the Covington media hoax, hundreds of journalists and liberals called for the mass murder of the Catholic schoolchildren, demanding they be burned alive in their own school, executed in a mass shooting, organ harvested and otherwise obliterated with extreme violence. This is what now passes for “news media” in America – a lunatic mob of fakers, hoaxers and crisis actors who stage events to push utterly fabricated narratives that put the lives of real people in grave danger.

Now, we’re learning that the climate change hoax has quite literally convinced nearly an entire generation of lunatic Leftists that the world is going to end in just 12 years if we don’t bow down to the demands of Al Gore and the rest of the climate hoax cartel.

In the last few days, a young Millennial member of Congress — the incoming Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — has gone full libtard with a public pronouncement that “the world is going to end in 12 years” if climate change isn’t stopped.

This wasn’t a verbal flub by an ignorant socialist. She has now doubled down on her statement, reasserting her lunatic belief that carbon dioxide is bad and the entire world will come to an end in 12 years unless we all stop burning fossil fuels.

“For some reason GOP seems to think this is a gaffe, but it’s actually a generational difference,” Ocasio-Cortez explained, underscoring the stupefying truth that an entire generation of young people literally believe the world is coming to an end because that’s what they’ve been told by the fake news media and scientifically illiterate public school teachers.

We’ve seen these predictions before, and they all turn out to be hoaxes

Ocasio-Cortez was only barely born when the UN first warned in 1989 that “entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth” by the year 2000 if global warming wasn’t stopped. (h/t to Information Liberation)

In the years following, Al Gore has made numerous predictions about the world coming to an end, always moving the deadline after being proven wrong again and again. The reason these predictions keep failing, of course, is because Al Gore and the rest of the global warming hoax crowd are all lying.

Marc Morano’s outstanding book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change,” covers the hilarious history of fake climate change scares from Al Gore, MIT professors and other quack science hoaxers who have pushed this irrational fiction for decades. Via

Book Excerpt:

The Ever-Receding Tipping Point

Eighteen-Sixty-Four Tipping Point Warns of “Climatic Excess”
“As early as 1864 George Perkins Marsh, sometimes said to be the father of American ecology, warned that the earth was ‘fast becoming an unfit home for its “noblest inhabitant,”’ and that unless men changed their ways it would be reduced ‘to such a condition of impoverished productiveness, of shattered surface, of climatic excess, as to threaten the depravation, barbarism, and perhaps even extinction of the species.’” —MIT professor Leo Marx

Newsweek magazine weighed in with its own tipping point: “The longer the planners delay, the more difficult will they find it to cope with climatic change once the results become grim reality.” That warning appeared in an April 28, 1975, article about global cooling! Same rhetoric, different eco-scare.

Perhaps the best summary of the tipping-point phenomenon comes from UK scientist Philip Stott. “In essence, the Earth has been given a 10-year survival warning regularly for the last fifty or so years. We have been serially doomed,” Stott explained. “Our post-modern period of climate change angst can probably be traced back to the late-1960s, if not earlier. By 1973, and the ‘global cooling’ scare, it was in full swing, with predictions of the imminent collapse of the world within ten to twenty years, exacerbated by the impacts of a nuclear winter.

It’s difficult to keep up whether it is hours, days, months or 1000 years. Here are few recent examples of others predicting “tipping points” of various duration.

HOURS: Flashback March 2009: ‘We have hours’ to prevent climate disaster — Declares Elizabeth May of Canadian Green Party

Days: Flashback Oct. 2009: UK’s Gordon Brown warns of global warming ‘catastrophe’; Only ’50 days to save world’

Months: Prince Charles claimed a 96-month tipping point in July 2009

Years: 2009: NASA’s James Hansen Declared Obama Only First Term to Save The Planet! — ‘On Jan. 17, 2009 Hansen declared Obama only ‘has four years to save Earth’ or Flashback Oct .2009: WWF: ‘Five years to save world’

Decades: 1982: UN official Mostafa Tolba, executive director of the UN Environment Program (UNEP), warned on May 11, 1982, the ‘world faces an ecological disaster as final as nuclear war within a couple of decades unless governments act now.’

Millennium: Flashback June 2010: 1000 years delay: Green Guru James Lovelock: Climate change may not happen as fast as we thought, and we may have 1,000 years to sort it out’

It is becoming obvious that the only authentic climate “tipping point” we can rely is this one:

Flashback 2007: New Zealand Scientist on Global Warming: ‘It’s All Going to be a Joke in 5 Years’

There is no climate emergency; only an emergency of ignorance and stupidity among climate hoaxers

There is no climate emergency on planet Earth. Carbon dioxide isn’t a poison or a pollutant; it’s actually the single most important nutrient for supporting the “greening” of our planet with increased growth rates for crops, forests, grasses and ocean plants. Earth is dangerously low in CO2, and rising CO2 levels are necessary to support more photosynthesis, more “greening” and more production of oxygen through plant respiration.

AOC is a scientifically illiterate fool who operates on the verge of mental retardation. But in the same way you should never give a retarded child access to nuclear launch codes, you also shouldn’t give a scientifically illiterate socialist moron anything resembling political power in Washington. It’s dangerous to society when people run around making utterly false claims that the “world will end in 12 years” if we don’t surrender all rights, freedom and economic power to the very same people who fabricated the climate change hoax in the first place.

Remember, these are the same dishonest, deceptive people who said the Covington Catholic School students were racist bigots for merely standing in place and calmly smiling as they were harassed by a Native American instigator / professional crisis actor. The entire narrative was a lie, but it’s exactly the same kind of lie that Leftists are pushing with their climate change hoax.

Almost everything the Left says is either a calculated lie or a shining turd of ignorance and stupidity. Nothing the Left promotes makes any sense in the real world, and all the Left’s “facts” are nothing but fictions. Every Leftist alive today is living in a world of delusion and falsehoods. It wouldn’t matter much except for the fact that these delusional idiots have political power and are demanding the engineered pollution of Earth’s atmosphere to combat their imaginary climate change hoax. If we allow them to pollute the planet, they will achieve the very destruction they’ve wrongly assigned to “climate change.”

When it comes to climate change, the only real crisis is the fact that idiots like AOC remain utterly ignorant of scientific reality, having zero understanding of atmospheric chemistry, the process of photosynthesis or the simple truth that a warmer, wetter world is actually good for planetary ecosystems (global warming hoaxers demand Earth be transformed into a frozen ice ball with plummeting ocean levels and near-zero CO2 levels which would collapse entire ecosystems).

If dangerous, delusional propagandists like AOC get their way, they will be the very ones who end up destroying life on planet Earth through their delusional “global dimming” schemes that rely on geoengineering to deliberately pollute the atmosphere and kill off the entire global food web. In other words, it’s morons like AOC who are the real threat to life on Earth, not the fictitious crisis they call “climate change.”

Perhaps it’s time we sequestered AOC, Al Gore and the rest of the climate change loon squad whose actions would quite literally devastate life on our planet as they claim to be “saving” it.

If AOC really believes the world will end in 12 years unless we stop climate change, then shouldn’t she advocate a military invasion of China and India to stop the top sources of CO2 emissions?

There’s one more important point that I heard mentioned by a caller to the Rush Limbaugh show. Given that China and India are by far the largest sources of CO2 emissions for our world, if AOC truly believes climate change must be stopped in order to save the world in the next 12 years, why wouldn’t she demand the military invasion and destruction of China and India?

The U.S. produces nowhere near the CO2 produced by China, yet somehow China always escapes any blame by Democrats who solely point the finger at the U.S. fossil fuel industry. (Because, of course, Democrats never operate from facts. Rather, they are driven purely by irrational emotion that’s never subject to reality.)

Yet I don’t see AOC demanding the destruction of China and India to “save the world,” as she claims. So even her “end of the world” warnings aren’t genuine, as we can all see from her lack of commitment to her own fabricated narrative.

You want to really save the world in the next 12 years? Vote all Democrats out of power and send them packing. Turn off all left-wing media. Denounce and reject the lunacy of the Left. If enough people do that, human civilization might actually have a chance of making it through this insane chapter of left-wing lunacy that represents the real threat to sustainable life on Earth.

Stay informed. Read for the real story on climate science.

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