Conflict expert issues chilling warning: If Trump wins, thousands of people could “storm White House”

storm white house

An expert on strategic communication and unconventional warfare says that a reelection victory by President Donald Trump could trigger leftists and anarchists to the point that thousands would attempt to “storm the White House,” an act that would no doubt result in a blood bath as government forces retaliated to save him.

J. Michael Waller, vice president for government relations at the Center for Security Policy, told a webinar with reporters last week that federal officials must be prepared to deal with large violent mobs descending on the nation’s capital following Election Day and possibly attacking the White House if Trump wins, Breitbart News reported.

“We have to prepare for these mobs by the tens of thousands if not more right in downtown Washington, DC … and storm the White House,” Waller said.

The thought of that, let alone watching it play out on TV, is frightening, to say the least. And the hell Trump supporters would unleash on leftists across the country in response is even worse to contemplate.

Worse, as Breitbart News notes, the left-wing Democrat mayor of D.C. may be complicit:

Waller said that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is playing a role in what could be post-election violence by instructing the city’s police to stand down when protests become violent, even if their targets are senior officials in the White House or Congress.

If that’s true, two things must happen: 1) The D.C. police must ignore the mayor’s orders; and 2) when this is all over, she must be arrested and tried for sedition. Enough, already.

In a series tweets, Waller laid out the potential scenarios while providing President Trump with some advice:

— “The US Capitol Police feel overwhelmed at what lays ahead of them, since Antifa/BLM have targeted individual Members of Congress for harassment or worse, and the DC city government is sympathetic to the mobs.”

— “@realDonaldTrump should federalize the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police and the DC National Guard now – before election day – and bring in reliable National Guard from other states, if we are to believe what the organized rioters are planning for the night of November 3.

[Intelligence reports seen Monday indicate that Portland police have been federally deputized ahead of expected Election Day chaos.]

“The violent extremists are planning to use the “BLM Plaza” area – about the size of three football fields, marked in red – as a “staging area” for a mob “siege” to attack the White House complex. @MayorBowser, who supports BLM, has closed off the area to traffic for months.”

— “DC, as the seat of the US government, is a special case where it’s proper to federalize city police and National Guard. The feds should enlarge the security perimeter around the White House along my aquamarine lines 18th St to the west, K St to the north, and 14th St to the east.”

In a sign that D.C. police just might tell Bowser where to stick her ‘slow walk’ orders, the Washington Examiner reported over the summer that almost three-quarters of the Metropolitan Police Department said in an internal poll they were thinking about leaving the department after the DC City Council passed a ‘reform bill’ that, among other things, restricts officers’ use of lethal force.

Breitbart added:

Michael Anton, former Trump national security official, spoke about the troublesome partisan rhetoric from the Biden camp, which includes the possibility of the military “hauling Trump from office,” and also discussed the results of the controversial Transition Integrity Project wargame.

Kyle Shideler, director and senior analyst for homeland security and counterterrorism at the Center for Security Policy, said the war-game “proposed a scenario in which the Biden camp refused to concede despite clearly losing in the electoral college, called for massive street protests and left open the possibility of military intervention.”

“That report, which was then leaked to the media, was followed by a joint letter from two former military leaders to the Joint Chiefs urging that the military to prepare to remove the President from office,” Shideler wrote. “Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Mark Milley later publicly asserted that the military will play no role in the election.”

This election is like no other in American history, save for the one that preceded Southern secession and the Civil War.

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  1. Here’s something for ALL Trump supporters to remember-

    if you are threatened, attacked, yelled at, or someone you know is hurt badly by a so-called Antifa thug, remember that what is desired by Trump’s enemies IS a physical response on the part of a Trump supporter, thereby invoking even MORE violence and providing the media with choice bits of “Trump’s violent followers”! So PLEASE be peaceful and non-violent as you possibly can, because remember, when you start to play THEIR game, they have you right where they want you. The war for minds continues so there will doubtless be cases where someone from Trump’s enemies does a violent act dressed as a “Trump supporter”! Because we still have clueless Americans, those who think the media’s word is gospel and honest, this works for awhile. But how long till there is a law that puts up the veracity of politician’s denigrative claims towards one another- an AUTOMATIC law suit where millions go to the truthful party! A sort of financial dueling. A special counsel rules on the veracity of claims and rewards the “winner” the whole pot of money! That would shut these blowhards up!

  2. Are we talking about the same mobs who attended all of Biden’s campaign stops? I’m sure the Secret Service can repel an attacking force of half a dozen leftists.

  3. Big City Democrats are digging their own graves pretty much. There is an active criminal element in this country, and when they smell weakness or incompetence, they will exploit it to the fullest. Frankly, I’m surprised Biden got any votes at all. But, this is a free country, and stupid people get to vote, too. Trump 2020

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