Corporations now at war with America, will help bury evidence of election fraud by paying off reps who hide it


Corporations wield significant influence over Congress. Corporations directly affect legislation as it is being drafted and manipulate how taxpayer dollars are spent. For proof, look no further than the onslaught of COVID stimulus bills, which have given corporations an open invitation to loot the US treasury and control the direction of the US economy.

A growing list of corporations are pledging their devotion to the Democrat Party and select members of the Republican Party, as long as these politicians refuse to contest election fraud. The following list of corporations have committed to withhold campaign contributions from any member of the House or Senate who brings forward evidence of election fraud. These coercive corporations include:, General Electric, Comcast Corp, Verizon Communications, American Express, Cisco Systems, Best Buy, MasterCard, Marriott, AT&T, Dow Chemical, Airbnb, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Freeport-McMoRan Inc, Ford Motor, Microsoft, American Airlines,  Google, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, BP, Smithfield Foods, and Union Pacific Corp. Others are being forced to change their contribution strategy, with changes coming from the National Association of Beer Wholesalers, the National Association of Auto Dealers and the American Bankers Association. Dow Chemical arrogantly declared they will never donate again to anyone who contested the 2020 electors.

Growing list of corporations want to bury evidence of election fraud, will pay off reps who hide it

Corporations are using money as a form of coercion against the will of the people. These corporations want to help bury evidence of election fraud while paying off the members of Congress who will ignore it, hide it and attack anyone who dares to bring it up. Since members of the House and Senate are elected to represent the people from their district, corporations are essentially declaring war against the people of the United States.

The approximately 1.8 million people who attended Donald Trump’s rally on January 6, 2021 are seeking a more transparent Congress, a body of men and women who have the courage to contest the irregularities, the statistical anomalies, the vote switching, the foreign interference and the well-documented mail-in ballot fraud. It doesn’t matter how much the Democrats try to ignore the fraud and pretend it is not real; it exists in a variety of formats, with countless witnesses attesting to it. Even though the democratic media continues to blame Trump for insurrection; this does not negate the fact that the insurrection started with the democrat’s unconstitutional manipulation of the election process and their attempts to block transparency.

The primary focus of lawmakers should be investigating election interference, conducting audits of the vote tabulation machines, holding officials accountable to their state legislatures and the constitutional process while ensuring election integrity across the United States. Every claim of fraud should be investigated; this system is the bedrock on which elected leaders are chosen! If reps refuse to look into this most important matter at hand, are they in on the fraud?

If corporations continue to use coercion to bury crimes and make it harder for representatives to speak up about election fraud, then Congress is being weaponized against the people! (Related: Mitch McConnell received donations from Dominion Voting Systems and shut down two election integrity bills in 2020.)

It is actually the constitutional duty of Congress to contest slates of electors that were fraudulently obtained

Over one hundred members of Congress were preparing to contest the 2020 electors from the swing states where election fraud was documented by the state legislators. Most of these representatives backed out after the Capitol was stormed and the session resumed. To contest a slate of electors, one member of the House and one member of the Senate must submit their objection in writing, which is then debated in both chambers for two hours. The necessary process of contesting the electors was foiled and debate was forbidden, as fear-stricken representatives felt compelled to move forward in the certification of Biden electors in the contested swing states.

In the aftermath, the voices that felt unheard were ultimately silenced overnight. In this environment of concealment (where the Vice President himself refused to point out the fraud to his colleagues), America and the rest of the world will never fully understand the scope of the election fraud. Not only did activist courts refuse to hear cases based on the merits, but Congress also pushed forward with no debate. Now, as corporations withhold campaign contributions from representatives who dare talk about election fraud, the election process will be even more rigged. Now it is weaponized.

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  1. A little late to the game. Corporations have been at war with the US since 1913. “Paying off” isn’t really “paying off”, it’s an advance for the next time the corporation wants its political whore to perform.

  2. All of the democratic party is liars and thieves the longer they stay in office the rights u loose as long as they get rich and the cpanies tat supports them and some democrats just a rotten.its the people that put them in office they work for us we set the rules for them to follow democrats no better than Republicans need to throw all of them out start over if they don’t run our govt for the people no deals for corporations or foreign govt

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