DELUSIONAL: Democrats now claim Antifa terrorists are “peaceful” people who are just trying to safeguard liberal cities

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In the aftermath of the most recent attacks by Antifa terrorists against conservative groups in Portland, Oregon, some Democrats are now proclaiming that Antifa is actually just a misunderstood, “peaceful” group of resisting patriots that’s merely trying to “safeguard” the city of Portland against far-right Nazis.

According to Democratic Representative Debra Haaland of New Mexico, as quoted during a recent interview with CNN‘s Ana Cabrera, Antifa members aren’t domestic terrorists, as President Trump recently implied. Instead, they’re just “peaceful protesters working to safeguard their city,” meaning they should be respected and even lauded for their bravery in trying to stamp out “racism.”

CNN apparently agrees with this sentiment, as does Buzzfeed, which recently tried to claim that conservatives are somehow “manufacturing” all of the evidence showing Antifa terrorists throwing cement milkshakes at people and chasing them with assault weapons.

In one instance, Antifa terrorists maced and beat up a middle-aged man, leaving him unconscious on the ground as his partner or spouse attempted to guard him against further assault, which could have killed him. In another instance, Antifa terrorists chased down a man with a baseball bat, presumably to beat him to death.

To Rep. Haaland, CNN, and Buzzfeed, however, this is all just “peaceful safeguarding” of Portland by “brave” and “tolerant” resisters who are simply trying to spread love by stopping Trump’s “fascist regime” through violence.

If you oppose acts of violence committed by Antifa terrorists, then you’re a “fascist,” according to Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour

If CNN and Buzzfeed were honest and actually did their jobs, people like Rep. Haaland would quickly see that Antifa is the exact opposite of peaceful. Writing for Town Hall, Guy Benson explains how he responded to Buzzfeed‘s claim that Antifa violence is “manufactured” by the right with numerous examples of Antifa violence.

His examples include not only Antifa’s violent assault against LGBT journalist Andy Ngo, who had to be hospitalized with brain bleed after being violently attacked by Antifa terrorists during an earlier incident in Portland, but also:

• Numerous other violent attacks by Antifa terrorists against journalists
• An Antifa terrorist’s attempted firebombing of an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) facility in Washington state
• The beating of off-duty Marines during a racially-charged Antifa melee
• Antifa terrorists attacking motorists in the middle of the street with impunity
• Antifa’s routine harassment, doxxing, and acts of violence against other people the group hates

Unbelievably, Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour recently tweeted that if you’re against these horrors committed by Antifa terrorists, and want to see them held accountable for these and other crimes against humanity, then you are, in fact, a “fascist,” simply because Antifa stands for “anti-fascist,” which automatically makes it true, in her eyes.

“You are either anti-fascist or not,” Sarsour proudly tweeted. “Simple as that.”

“The media, alas, is complicit in this imbecilic narrative,” warns Benson, urging the American public to take a look at the evidence for themselves and decide who the real fascists are in every single violence incident involving people who identify as Antifa members.

“Nothing says ‘safeguarding’ public safety like black-clad, club-wielding, masked thugs severely beating unarmed protestors because of their political beliefs, right?” joked one Town Hall commenter about Rep. Haaland’s ridiculous statements on CNN.

“Antifa, dedicated to stamping contrary opinion if necessary using violence and intimidation,” joked another. “Antifa, so virtuous they hide their faces. If you have to hide your face to express your view, you’re the bad guy.”

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