Democrats panicky as early voting data indicate mail-in balloting not matching narrative of massive blue wave


Another election cycle, another set of left-wing narratives are being shattered.

In 2016, Americans were told that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was going to wipe the floor with then-GOP nominee Donald Trump.

All of the polling showed that. In fact, all of the polling for months had shown that. It wasn’t even going to be close. Trump should have just conceded ahead of time, the brainiacs in the ‘mainstream media’ told us.

Well, we all know how that turned out.

Then came the fake ‘Russian collusion’ narrative. And the Ukraine hoax.

And now, here we are again, back to the future.

Throughout this current election cycle, Americans have been told for months that mind-addled former Vice President Joe Biden is going to wipe the floor with President Trump. He leads by double digits in the polls. All the battleground states that Trump wasn’t supposed to win in 2016 are now going to go back to the ‘blue’ column. It’s not a matter of Biden getting the required 270 electoral votes necessary to win, but how big his final electoral vote tally will be.

Oh, and we know it’s going to be huge because, we’re told, Democrat voters by the legions are going to take advantage of early mail-in balloting to avoid exposure to COVID-19 (while they continue to go to Walmart, the local grocery store, and as many massed riots and other ‘non-violent’ demonstrations as they can attend).

For weeks the narrative from the left has been this: Democrats will jump out to huge, early mail-in ballot leads and there won’t be any way Trump will be able to catch up with in-person balloting on Election Day.

Except that narrative is proving to be a lie as well.

TopTradeGuru notes:

Up until this weekend, the Democratic victory narrative has been this: Dems will outperform in early and mail in voting. Republicans, leerier to mail-in voting, will opt for in person voting and will outperform on election day. However, in the end, the in-person voting will not be enough to overcome the massive early voting numbers by the Democrats.

For one, because of COVID lockdowns on most college campuses, the student vote is suppressed, analysts have discovered. For another, early voting in Texas is heavily Republican, destroying the notion of a blue Lone Star State. For another, a general malaise and complacency exists among Democrats because they were told repeatedly their candidates have it in the bag.

Here’s a sampling, via TopTradeGuru:

Key counties in Michigan have shifted red. Most notably, Kent and Oakland counties. With a half a million votes cast in Oakland county in 2016, overwhelming for Hillary Clinton, it’s nothing less than complete shock to see early voting highly favorable to Republicans. With 25% of the Michigan vote in, these results are absolutely terrifying to Democrats.

“Even if we model the data using the most optimistic expectations for Democrats on Nov. 3rd, Republicans still outnumber in the end. This data runs counter to their narrative for victory. The data also suggests the polls are off–way off. Furthermore, 25% of the total data is a significant data set that cannot be dismissed easily. It’s a data set much larger than any Michigan poll,” the outlet noted.

There’s more.

Fox News host Jesse Watters, in a segment for “The Five” on Monday, noted that the vote-by-mail is trending badly for Democrats, meaning Trump is heading for a landslide victory.

“If you look at the early vote-by-mail, this is a Trump landslide in the making,” he said, adding that Democrats will need a 2.5-times lead in mail-in ballots in order to counter the president’s mostly Republican Election Day in-person voting tally.

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  1. Dems have done it to themselves this year and have only themselves to thank for the spanking they’re about to get. Trump 2020

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