Democrats still defending rioters as “mostly peaceful” after man is dragged out of his car and beaten nearly to death

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It has been nearly three full months of daily violence in the streets of Portland, with Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) “protesters” continuing to ransack businesses, attack innocent bystanders, and even attempt to murder people whom they claim are “white supremacists.”

Over the weekend, a mob of pasty white liberals and black thugs surrounded a white pickup truck before dragging its driver, a white man, into the street and beating him senseless. The mob proceeded to rummage through the man’s car, and when he attempted to stand up, they proceeded to slam his head onto the pavement.

At one point while the man was trying to recover, a younger black male rushed over and kicked him square in the head, knocking him unconscious. Disturbing and extremely graphic footage of the incident from start to finish, and from multiple angles, was uploaded to Twitter by independent journalist Andy Ngo. It is also available at Brighteon below:

As you will notice, there was no law enforcement anywhere in sight, just hordes of violent terrorists roaming around obstructing traffic and causing chaos. And any vehicle that stopped for too long was surrounded and attacked, its drivers and passengers threatened with violence for being “white supremacists.”

Is this poor man still alive? We are awaiting reports

Just prior to the beating incident, the man who quickly became a victim was seen trying to explain to his attackers how and why his vehicle crashed. He was forced to sit on the pavement and wait while they searched his vehicle for some unknown reason, and was violently forced to remain until they decided they were finished.

Because he apparently stood up too early, the man was repeatedly beaten, with obvious blood from his head and body pouring out all over the street. Plenty of bystanders were seen watching or filming the incident, while one black man was seen riding around on a scooter as if nothing was even happening.

Meanwhile, other bystanders were heard shouting and screaming in support of the beating, with the usual cries of “black lives matter!” Only one woman was heard actually trying to care for the injured man, urging those around her with phones to call 911.

Police later arrived on the scene long after the incident occurred, and proceeded to try to tow away the man’s vehicle. As law enforcement was doing this, the angry mob started screaming that such actions were “protecting white supremacists,” even though it was the innocent white man who was beaten by a mob that included angry, violent blacks.

It is not yet clear whether the man who was beaten is still alive, or what his condition might be. All we know is that he was last seen unconscious as some members of the mob were trying to remove his body from the middle of the intersection.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler now openly admits that Antifa and BLM terrorists are attempting to commit murder, and yet nothing is being done to stop it. In fact, many Democrats are still claiming that the rioting is “mostly peaceful,” even though it is clearly not.

So, how much further will this all go before decent Americans finally step up and take matters into their own hands?

“What it is going to take is a few of these punks getting sent home in body bags by legally armed citizens, and when these punks realize that death awaits them the dynamic will change,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter. “The spineless politicians should take note that justice is coming.”

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