Ensuring the Election’s Integrity: There Must Be a Transparent Recount in Disputed Districts

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By 10 PM eastern time on election day it was apparent that Donald Trump was headed for a comfortable victory in the Electoral College. He had won Florida, Ohio and Texas, and he was posting solid leads in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina. The only question seemed to be whether this time he would gain more electoral votes than in 2016.

But then strange things began to happen. One by one, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina and Arizona suspended their counting process for the night. This was highly unusual. Never before in modern memory had a battleground state ceased counting before the winner of a presidential contest was announced. For five states to do it at about the same time was completely unprecedented.

When the first reports came in the following morning, Trump’s leads had largely evaporated. And as the counting stretched into the days ahead, he was gradually overtaken in all the key states in which he held solid leads on election night.

The writer Boyd Cathey described what happened:

“The large pro-Trump margins that seemed to prevail late election night have now disappeared as mail- in votes, many of doubtful legality, have begun to trickle in. Large Democratically-controlled cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, and Atlanta have miraculously produced tranches of almost completely Biden votes—legal Republican poll watchers have been excluded from observing the vote count—mail-in votes with unverified signatures of doubtful provenance have been counted. In short the safeguards that would guarantee a fair election have been egregiously ignored and violated.”

Especially disconcerting was the fact that nearly all places where the count was held up were deeply blue democrat-controlled precincts where it is known that fraud had been committed in past elections. It was these places that kept pumping up staggeringly high quantities of pro-Biden votes. One such place was the notorious city of Philadelphia. Cathey continues:

“Philadelphia, heavily Democratic and where armed Black militia groups have been known to exert what they call “vigilance” over polling places, once again seems like “ground zero” in this year’s election. Whereas almost all counties in Pennsylvania were strongly supportive of the President, the local machine in urban Philadelphia was once again grinding out huge—and unbelievable—majorities for Joe Biden, almost like clockwork.”

Having made his observations, Boyd Cathey poses this question:

“Can a truly fair election be held when what is essentially a political mafia masquerading as a political party has a stranglehold not only on how votes are counted but, more importantly, which votes are counted—and when? Is this what has become of the American republic?”

Cathey’s point is spot on. There are a number of things that raise deep suspicions about the integrity of this election. Among these are:

  • The sudden and completely unprecedented suspension of counting in multiple key states
  • The drawn-out counting process that continued far longer than in any other election in America’s modern history
  • Unrealistically high number of votes for Biden from deeply blue precincts
  • The loss of Trump’s once solid lead in every instance where “counting” continued for days
  • The large caches of additional votes that put Biden over the top all coming from Democrat-run precincts where voter fraud is known to be endemic
  • A steady stream of reports of fraud and voting irregularities

All this strongly suggests massive and coordinated election fraud.

Consider this. In Pennsylvania the President held a seemingly insurmountable lead on election night, most of which disappeared, as if by miracle, overnight. “President Donald Trump’s initial Election Night lead of more than 700,000 votes had shrunk to around 164,000 by Thursday morning” reported NBC news in Philadelphia.

In a recent interview Rudi Giuliani, Trump’s attorney, spoke about the situation. According to Herland Report, Giuliani explained,

“how numerous witnesses now come forward – over 70 individuals in Pennsylvania alone – many Democrats who were appalled by what they were instructed to do: speaking about how they were trained to backdate votes, allow non-citizens and unregistered voters to vote, put votes in for dead citizens, remove Trump votes and never turning down a ballot from the big cities where the Democrats have voter machines. In Michigan, he [Giuliani] says over 100 000 ballots came in the middle of the night and witnesses state that every single ballot was for Biden. They say that it was brought in specifically to make up for the big leap for President Trump.”

Because of such discrepancies and allegations, the people of this country should not accept the “Biden victory” narrative being pushed by the Democrat establishment and their allies in the media. Fortunately, there is a relatively easy way to settle the matter and put doubts to rest.

It can be done with an honest audit and recount in the disputed districts. Only when carried out transparently can we be confident that the legitimate winner takes the White House. This is how the process is meant to work and this is how it should work. The name of the winner is far less important than the preservation of the integrity of the electoral process. If we fail to preserve it, we will slide into either tyranny or civil war.

We the People must demand a fair count. Indeed, accurate vote tabulation is the first foundation of any functional electoral system.

Resistance to an honest audit, on the other hand, is an obvious indication that the objectors have something to hide. Would anyone object to confirmation of success if it had been honestly achieved?

Trump must not yield. He should only relent if it is shown that he has been voted out by legally cast ballots. The flagrant abnormalities that took place on election day and in the days that followed strongly suggest that this has not been the case. There is much to indicate that Trump was correct when he said, “I won this election.”

An impartial recount in the disputed districts could quickly and easily prove him wrong. Why would Democrats not want to avail themselves of this opportunity to discredit Trump and show the whole world once and for all what a fool he is?

If after a fair tally Biden comes on top, then more power to him. He will be entitled to the presidency and a chance to try to implement whatever agenda he feels is good and right for this country.

But until we have a fair count, Trump owes it to all people of good will not to back down. He has received more genuine votes than any other presidential candidate in history. The media claim that this distinction is Biden’s, but this is about as true as their fake polls. Millions of Biden votes were neither genuine nor sincere. Joe Biden received a large number of votes in the form of absentee ballots, most cynically harvested according to the Democrats’ standard practice. Another portion was unlawful, cast by people ineligible to vote, e.g., the dead, illegal immigrants, and non-existent persons. All these are regular Democratic voter demographics.

Trump, on the other hand, received enthusiastic support from more than 70 million Americans, most of them showing up to vote for him honestly in person. It is for the sake of these people that Trump must not yield until there is a fair tabulation of lawful ballots. The people are apparently willing to stand by him (and here) to ensure the integrity of the process. Americans of good will need to show those responsible for this travesty – the Democratic Party and its lapdog media, Big Tech, entrenched corporate interests and their allied elements within the Deep State – that we will not allow the election to be cynically stolen before our eyes.