Facebook now being used to coordinate left-wing terrorist attacks on U.S. cities… while tech giants ban CONSERVATIVES who demand law and order

violent protests

Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) are reportedly in the process of trying to retake the Seattle “CHAZ” (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone), as well as occupy new “autonomous zones” across the United States. And aiding them in this insurrection is none other than Facebook, which is now openly facilitating domestic terrorism while actively censoring conservatives who have had enough of all the violence and chaos.

In a recent Facebook “call to action,” a Portland-based domestic terrorism group known as the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front (PNWYLF) called on its comrades to take up arms against the federal government, which it claims has “waged war against Portland.”

While Facebook has removed other pages and even entire groups for far less, PNWYLF’s post calling for radicals throughout Portland to “become more powerful than” federal officers is still publicly visible as of this writing. It calls on anarchists everywhere to “get tactical” and “mask up,” which is basically an open declaration of war against the state.

This same Facebook announcement also calls on other anarchist chapters across the country, including several in Tennessee, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia, to engage in similar violent and chaotic behavior. The goal is to create as much mayhem as possible in order to destabilize the “system” and bring about “change.”

“Stand in solidarity with Portland & against the federal invasion,” reads a corresponding announcement that was published to Twitter, and also not taken down for violating any of the social media platform’s “community standards,” which only seem to apply to conservatives.

Blowing up businesses is “love,” but calling for a stronger border wall is “hate”

As you may recall, the far-left actually called for an advertiser boycott against Facebook over the platform’s refusal to censor posts by President Donald Trump, which it says constitute “hate.” But far-leftists calling for a violent revolution against American cities is just “love” and “tolerance.”

This is the double standard that we continue to see within the realm of social media. Calling for stricter border control and demanding accountability in government, which are among the posts by Trump that the left says constitute “hate,” is not permitted. But saying “f*** Trump” and blowing up businesses are warm and squishy things that Big Tech has no problem with allowing and supporting, even when innocent lives end up in the fray.

The situation is becoming so dire that various heavily-armed militia groups are now having encounters in the middle of American streets, with one side trying to abolish the police and the other trying to protect American businesses against destruction.

The so-called “Not F***ing Around Coalition,” a 300-member black militia group based out of Atlanta, reportedly marched to Louisville, Kentucky the other day to demand “justice” for 26-year-old Breonna Taylor, one of the black lives that the news continues to talk about that was taken by police officers.

Everywhere you look, in other words, from East Coast to West Coast, violence and chaos is erupting in city centers. And rather than clamp down on the groups organizing it, Facebook, Twitter and the other Big Tech companies are encouraging it, even as they silence conservative voices for often no stated reason at all.

“It’s a sad day when American cities are being overrun by purple-haired Karens, skinny jeans fairies, and obese transvestites,” wrote one Zero Hedge commenter. “It’s about time Americans stood up and put down this insurrection.”

“But these same Feds and cops will be coming for you if you don’t get multiple injections of RNA/DNA ‘treatments,’ which are not vaccinations,” warned another, offering a different perspective for those who say they support law enforcement.

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