Great Civilizations Aren’t Murdered, They Commit Suicide: The U.S.’s Likely Collapse

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Historian Arnold Toynbee in his 12-volume magnum opus A Study of History was an exploration of the rise and fall of 28 different civilizations. Toynbee concluded that great civilizations don’t “get murdered,” rather, they kill themselves, and all the signs of a civilization collapse are here.

The Roman Empire, for example, was the victim of many ills including overexpansion, climatic change, environmental degradation, and poor leadership. But it was also brought to its knees when Rome was sacked by the Visigoths in 410 and the Vandals in 455.

Collapse is often quick and greatness provides no immunity. The Roman Empire covered 4.4 million sq km (1.9 million sq miles) in 390. Five years later, it had plummeted to 2 million sq km (770,000 sq miles). By 476, the empire’s reach was zero. –BBC

Collapse can be defined as a rapid and enduring loss of population, identity and socio-economic complexity. Public services crumble and disorder ensues as the government loses control of its monopoly on violence. (Meaning people realize they are slaves, and no longer wish to be subjugated and punished at the whims of the ruling class/government, but seek their own liberty and self-ownership.) As people begin to realize that the political class (ruling class) is exceptionally wealthy as they slave away and half their wages are stolen to prop up those who exert power over them, societies tend to collapse. Government stays fat and happy when the slaves don’t realize they are enslaved.

America Is Committing Suicide: Over The Past 12 Months, The U.S. National Debt Has Increased By 1.271 Trillion Dollars

Collapse expert and historian Joseph Tainter has proposed that societies eventually collapse under the weight of their own accumulated complexity and bureaucracy. Meaning the government becomes so burdensome and large that it can no longer maintain a monopoly on violence, as the oppressed begin to fight back.  Societies are problem-solving collectives that grow in complexity in order to overcome new issues and government violence is not needed to solve problems. However, the returns from complexity eventually reach a point of diminishing returns. This happens when the government creates so many problems with their solutions that the solutions become problems themselves (a great example of this is the Ponzi scheme known as social security.) After this point, a collapse will eventually ensue and the U.S. is obviously on the cusp.  More and more people awaken daily to the reality of what government has done to them; stealing their money, complete enslavement, indebting their unborn children, turning them into tax cattle, etc.

Paris Tax Revolts: The World Begins To Realize The Truth About Government

The collapse of our civilization is not inevitable, however, history suggests it is very likely. We now have the unique advantage of being able to learn from the wreckages of societies past, but instead of doing so and freeing mankind from government, many who are enslaved continue to push for shorter chains, more violence, control, domination, and theft by the ruling class – not just of themselves, but of all others too. Collapse is imminent in our opinion, as those in control will not willingly give up their stranglehold over the tax cattle slaves.

If humanity could awaken to what the government really is (master that owns them) and take the blinders off put there by those who call themselves the government, we could all have a bright future. The government has painted themselves as some sort of religious fairy tale set out to save everyone and keep them safe.  Once people realize the truth and claim ownership over themselves.

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  1. You dance around the truth. All of the great world civilizations were white (witness the Egyptian Pharohs and their blond and red hair). Assyria, Media, Persia (modern day Iran – Aryan), Greece, Rome…All civilizations built by whites. They all collapsed because they allowed themselves to by mixed with the untermensch nations around them. Just as it happened then, it is happening to the last great white civilization…namely Europe and the nations founded by Europeans. If the brown and black hoards were capable of civilization, they would have had it by now. Let the world around you be your laboratory. Blacks create Haiti. Browns create Mexico. Yellow, though intelligent and capable in many ways, create deeply unjust societies, lacking empathy even for their own. White people are the true children of God. Adam literally means white man (able to blush, to show the blood through the skin). We will ultimately win, but at what cost.

  2. Dear Jizmo Onyabhuti, I love your name! ; ) It may be worthwhile to review your knowledge of historical facts in general. Your comment makes it sound as if there may be a lack of information which may be distorting your worldview, especially the factual historical record. As well, I do have some brown friends. You can see them blush. p.s. I love this site.

  3. 150 million Americans (at least) , will never work again… the great American holocaust is nearly
    upon us… and all we do is entertain, and wait wait wait… for the “shake & bake savior”
    to right all our wrongs, and rapture us TFOH before TSHTF… we have become that useless
    eaters Ted Turner has called us.

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