Gun Control Fails Again – Same Lie, Different Day

gun control fail

The propaganda of gun-control just got harder. Millions of honest citizens in the USA saw pictures of our inner cities in flames. They heard rioters say they wanted to spread that violence across the country. We read stories of the police being ambushed and killed while Democrat politicians called to defund the police. Millions of us went out and bought a gun for the first time. That makes it harder than ever to sell the fantasy of gun-control.

Gun Control is a fantasy.

Gun-control sells the utopian idea that we can stop criminal behavior by taking tools from law abiding citizens. We’ve passed 23 thousand firearms regulations in the USA so far. With each outrageous crime that is splashed across the news media, we’re told that the next gun regulation will finally make criminals obey the law. We’ve never seen gun-control work before, but this next law is sure to be different.

As you can imagine, that rationale gets harder to sell.

Gun-control takes power from honest citizens and gives it to politicians.

That utopian ideal of gun-control is only the frosting on the cake. What lies beneath is equally important. In the United States, gun-control significantly infringes the right for honest people to bear arms. That, in turn, increases our dependence on the police and local government for our protection. We have to ask permission to defend ourselves with tools. Politicians benefit as they to sell our rights back to us.

We’ve seen politicians withdraw police patrols in some areas, and provide extra patrols to favored political constituents. We’ve seen judges, lawyers, and political donors get the right to carry concealed firearms, while that right is denied to the rest of the public. People who are well known and well monied stay protected. The elites alway have the money and connections to hire armed security. Your family, in contrast, not so much.

In politics, money talks and politicians listen. The business of gun-control means rich political donors can disarm you while the elites stay protected and politicians get rich.

When politicians legislate what can be bought and sold, the first things to be bought and sold are politicians.

It takes a lot of propaganda to sell the myth of gun-control.

You’ve seen how the world works. We’ve all seen mass-murder and criminal violence in countries that have extreme gun-control laws. Think about the armed drug-wars across Mexico and the armed terrorist attacks across France that weren’t stopped by gun-control. Here in the US, we can look at Socialists controlled cities where it is extremely difficult to purchase and carry a personal firearm. Those cities have record setting rates of violent crime. Rich gun-control donors have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the gun-control propaganda machine to spread the opposing narrative that criminals obey our laws and that a few more gun laws is all we need to achieve peace.

Gun-control groups bought schools of public health. They bought media outlets. They influenced the scripts of our TV and movie entertainment. Gun-control groups brag about buying politicians each election cycle. This propaganda machine tell us the news that fits what their rich donors want us to believe.

Lately, we were told that the terrible police procedures we saw in Minneapolis were caused by the police having guns, that “police violence is gun violence”. Gun-control advocates said the police need to go door to door and take guns from honest citizens. We’re also told that only the police should have guns, and that the police should be disarmed and disbanded.

No one said that propaganda has to make sense.

We’re told it is our fault that gun-control fails and violent criminals use guns.

Utopian fantasies fail to deliver the perfection they promise, and gun-control is no exception. We saw alcohol prohibition fail. We are seeing drug prohibition fail today, yet we’re told that gun prohibition will succeed tomorrow. Rather than examine their failed fantasy, gun-control advocates need a scapegoat to blame. They said it is your fault, those honest gun owners are really violent criminals in waiting.

Gun-control advocates ignore that licensed concealed carry holders are more law-abiding and non-violent than the police. They ignore that armed citizens shoot fewer innocent bystanders than the police, but that is the truth.

The gun-control propagandists ignore how criminals get their guns. Organizations that move billions of dollars worth of drugs, millions of illegal immigrants, and thousand of victims of human trafficking can move a few pounds of steel, brass, and lead with ease. Instead, the gun-control advocates blame you. We’re told, ‘If we disarm the honest citizens in the US, then criminals won’t have guns.’

You are the cure, not the disease.

You might have to dig, but the truth is out there. Honest citizens in the US defend themselves and their neighbors with a legally owned firearm millions of times each year. You protect your families and your communities. Ask your politicians and your news papers to do the same.

Register to vote. Speak up in the public square. All you have to do is speak the truth, and your voice is louder than the propagandist’s.

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The original article with references is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob was an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.