Has The Civil War Has Begun? Left Vs. Right Violence, Just Like The Elites Want

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Americans are hopelessly devolved into a dangerous left vs. right paradigm that has now erupted.  This is just what the elitists wanted when they planned the destruction of the United States, and angry voters on both sides are playing the pawns for those attempting to cement the totalitarian enslavement of humanity.

This “civil war” is going to be blamed on conservatives, Donald Trump supporters, and those who pretend they want freedom while also voting for the guy who says he’s going to use the military to distribute a vaccine. You cannot make this stuff up. It’s 2020, and I guess that just means most are going to put on their blinders and make sure they harden their stance with their political cult and allow it to drive their decisions, which are becoming increasingly violent and already predetermined by the mind control and propaganda games the elites contrive.

The Angry Prepper makes the case that the civil war planned by the elites has arrived:

It was announced on Facebook, that The “Trump Cruise Rally” that would drive into the dark heart of strife-riven Portland, Oregon. It was also touted as “conceal carry ONLY!” and began at the Clackamas Town Center.  This was nothing more than an instigation, yet the media is painting the Trump supporters as akin to the Taliban.

Both sides are wrong here and both are simply acting like pawns of the globalists willing to do violence to keep a particular slave master calling the shots. Instead of working together to take down the real enemy, Americans have turned on each other, as has been the plan of the elitists for a long time.  This is all likely to escalate through the elections.

Trump and his predecessor, Barack Obama have both laid the groundwork for the division we are seeing, even though both are on the same side: the side of the international banking cartel and cabalists. If you can’t see it by now, the elitists have already enslaved your mind. For example, Richie from Boston and Brian from High Impact Flix and High Impact Vlogs were both censored by YouTube for calling out the left/right paradigm and making videos proving Trump is a part of all of this and the military is training to arrest and detain American citizens.

Richie from Boston Backup channel

High Impact Tv, Brian’s backup channel

Those censored now, are calling out the entire system, uniting together, and elimination the entire system of control we’ve stuck in for centuries. The elites can’t have that. They need people divided and to show up and vote in the rigged system that they are tightening around all of our necks. Wake up!

Remember, the elitists have already done an “Event 201” style model for this year’s election.  The worst-case scenario, according to their models is going to come from an election that’s contested over Biden winning the popular vote and Trump winning the electoral college. They have literally already planned this out. Your vote will be a waste of time but will also be a signal to the elites that you approve of and will continue to participate in their rigged game of slavery.

Manipulating The Masses: Edward Bernays & Why The System Needs Your Compliance

Brace yourselves. Things are ramping up. Food shortages, election violence, and a digital dollar are all on the horizon.


  1. This is nothing, if the 30-50 year olds ever get dragged into this it would be over in a few days and the left would be a problem no more.

  2. “This week the CDC quietly updated the Covid number to admit that only
    6% of all the 153,504 deaths recorded actually died from Covid.

    That’s 9,210 deaths.

    The other 94% had 2 to 3 other serious illnesses and the overwhelming
    majority were of very advanced age; 90% in nursing homes.”


  3. What are these conservatives then doing about the concept of social chaos? Let us begin with the energy grid, water, trash pick up, food scarcity, shelter then move on to the trivial of the party politics. At the minimum, besides the weapon, what action are they undertaking with like mined others? Not a faux French Resistance against the Boche, but a well organized citizen resistance built off mutual assured cooperation.

  4. As Lenin said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.” Who is the opposition to NWO elites? Young people who have no wealth and no future. They want a guaranteed income, high-paying jobs, free healthcare and free college. They want Socialism. The only source of that money is from the filthy rich. That’s where Stalin and Hitler got the money to finance their socialist programs.
    Who leads the opposition? Billionaire George Soros, who bailed out Trump when he went bankrupt and now pretends to be his arch enemy.
    The Plan: Lead and pay the opposition to behave in a way to makes the general population hate Democrats, so they vote in mass for Republicans and Trump. Republican politicians legislate laws forming a militant police state, declaring Antifa and BLM domestic terrorists. Mass arrests of domestic terrorists, based on records of payment from George Soros, fill labor camps with the Opposition. Soros takes refuge in Israel.
    The US is transformed into a “Hunger Games” society. Large corporations like Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, and their shareholders monopolize almost all commerce and live like kings. Hyperinflation bankrupts most Americans, as the government continues to borrow from the Federal Reserve Bank, which prints trillions of dollars out of thin air, as debt. The vast majority of citizens live on government rations in small housing units where firearms are prohibited and work for a plate of fish heads and rice.
    The rich elites no longer have to worry about the unwashed masses taking their wealth and power from them. It’s easy as falling off a log.

  5. Still just a big wet dream. It’s not spreading as necessary. In fact more people are supporting Trump than ever and it’s the same small group of useful idiots that started the whole mess just escalating in a fit of desperation to conjure this giant fantasy of civil war.

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