How Many Times A Firearm Is Used For Effective Self Defense

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The following is a combination of my thoughts as well as information sourced from an article I read from CocealedCarry magazine, published by

We never hear about the times (any time) a firearm is used for effective defense. Rather, mainstream media will “cherry pick”, propagandize and leverage an occurrence whenever it will fit their anti-gun agenda.

Year after year, people use firearms to successfully defend themselves.

These incidents may be at home, at work, or simply out running errands.

While the exact number of instances is difficult to pin down (many times a police report is never filed), legitimate researchers estimate the number to be between one million and two million times a year.

It is unfortunate that a mostly anti-gun media clouds the general public’s perceptions regarding this topic.

For one thing, they rely on “statistics” that count a “defensive gun use” as only those cases where the attacker is actually killed.

This ignores the vast majority of cases (apparently at least 92% according to USCCA research) where an individual uses a firearm defensively without any shots fired.

Even when shots are fired, only a fraction of those incidents result in the death of an attacker.

Focusing only on lethal encounters completely misses the point (on purpose). If you were to use your gun to scare off a would-be mugger or rapist, you’d likely be relieved that you succesfully protected yourself without having to actually shoot someone.

Most “no-shots-fired” incidents never make even the local press. When nobody is shot, it apparently just isn’t worthy of coverage.

The one exception is if the lawfully armed citizen has acted in a manner that could lead to criminal charges. Then it will become a story, since it conforms to the media narrative that even responsible people cannot be trusted to carry firearms.

Yet, Americans who lawfully carry firearms are amazingly responsible citizens. In fact, the average citizen is eight times more likely to commit an act of violence than someone who legally carries.

Note: I am a member of the USCCA and several other similar organizations in support of the 2nd Amendment. Lets face it, our money is needed to battle against those who would snatch away our rights if they could.