How modern tyranny works


The No. 1 goal of all governments historically is to control and dominate their own citizens. The more deceptively it can be done, the more complete and long-lasting the tyranny.


Police state totalitarianism went out with World War II. The “Gestapo” knock at the door in the middle of the night and barbed-wire detainment camps are history. But that does not mean we are not living under police state totalitarianism.


Modern tyranny has a new face. It is benevolent totalitarianism. Benevolent totalitarianism is an advanced stage of people control through mind control, mass psycho political manipulation and abusive regulations created under the color of “law” by alphabet soup government agencies and enforced by their regulators, who comprise part of the “standing army” of government the Founders feared and warned us about.


“Police power is the power of the state to place restraints on the personal freedom and property rights of persons (individuals) for the protection of the public safety, health, and morals…” – Black’s Law Dictionary. This says that “public policy” is the federal government’s monopoly of police power to manipulate, restrict or extinguish human liberty and property for the benefit of the state. This extends into legislating social relationships and even morality. This is the same cult that drafts the laws of the land that have reduced us to serfdom, all as “public policy” and “in the public interest,” — modern inventions to conceal legal plunder.


The government is very jealous of its authority. Its authority is the control mechanism designed to ensure compliance and conformity.


When backed by the propaganda of “public policy,” “public interest” or “for the children,” anything can be done under the color of law and the people accept it upon the assumption that law and justice are the same. The result is that the lack of distinction between law and justice has been destroyed. The epitome of plunder is the manipulation of the conscience to accept law and morality as being the same.


We are taught from an early age that government is an agent of good (morality), that it seeks the betterment of society and it only promotes policies that make life better for everyone. All public schools are government training grounds for this philosophy. The state builds its political power on deception and false pretense, finally leaving the people with no inner imperative to question or oppose the New Order.


The term “public policy” is a household term in America. Black’s Law Dictionary defines “public policy” as “community common sense and common conscience, extended and applied throughout the state to matters of public morals, health, safety, welfare, and the like…”


I really doubt that one person in a million knows that the term “public policy” is synonymous with government purpose and enforced with government power.


Police power is not limited and does not come about by due process but by usurpation and wrongful seizure of your mind and body through deception. Police power extends from the top of government to the bottom. It may be and sometimes is employed upon the top members of the political, social or corporate classes (Martha Stewart, Thomas Drake, Bunny Greenhouse, Paul Manafort) when they fall out of favor or expose government corruption, or to accomplish some greater end. But more often it is employed against the average citizen, and to great effect.


The Robert Mueller investigation is an example of police power in action. Unable to establish any links or collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russian government operatives, Mueller’s investigation has turned into a form of Star Chamber where force and intimidation are being employed to “convince” people to testify and then they are charged with the non-crimes of making false statements.


These statements may or may not have been intentionally false. They may have been the result of faulty memory or a clarification of something previously said.


Mueller has charged Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Richard Gates, Alex van der Zwaan and Manafort with the “crime” of making false statements to the FBI. In other words, no crime was found to have been committed before the investigation, but a “crime” was committed (created) as a result of the investigation.


As the Inspector General’s report has shown, top brass at the FBI and Department of Justice likely committed crimes during both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the Trump-Russia “collusion” investigation. This is police state tyranny as seen in Third World backwaters, not in constitution-based governments that profess to be “democracies” and based on the rule of law.


An acquaintance of mine, a business owner, is currently dealing with federal tyranny via the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). After using OSHA’s manual to defend his company against two baseless citations, the OSHA enforcer said, “You need to understand something. We can do this the easy way, or we can do it the hard way. If you want to do it the hard way, we will bury your company.”


As the business owner stated, “When a prosecuting authority, with the resources of the federal government, uses (its) power to prosecute, guilt and innocence mean little. The accumulation of a lifetime can be burned away quickly as one tries to self-fund a defense.”


It was this “prosecuting authority” employing threats against Flynn’s children, along with the prospect of bankrupting legal bills, that prompted Flynn’s guilty plea to charges of making false statements… statements evidence now show may not have really been false.


The U.S. Government has for many years been quietly deploying unregulated agency armies against its own citizens. Armed federal agents – outfitted as if they’re raiding a terror house — have been “fighting crime” by raiding Amish farms and stores for selling raw milk, pig farms for growing the wrong color pigs, supplement makers for using customer testimonials in their advertising, children for selling too many rabbits and keeping them in cages that were a quarter inch too small, and magicians for using a rabbit in a show without having a “rabbit disaster plan” in place.


What I’m trying to tell you is, you are a part of the herd. The only way out of the herd is to first recognize that you are in it. What does this mean? It means that you are on one side and the government and its politicians and bureaucrats are on the other. No, they don’t want you to know this or they would lose control — we have bigger numbers but massive propaganda makes the difference in the balance of power.


Our nation is in the midst of an invasion from within, and it’s being carried out through mass deceit and uninformed consent and under the color of “law.”




  1. The greatest fear government has is not invasion or even insurrection, but indifference. That people will wake up one day and realize they do not need a massive bureaucracy telling them what to do and how to live, and threatening them with violence if they don’t. The opposite of government is not anarchy, it is family and community.

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