I Wish This Was a Joke : The Left is Now Claiming That Comedy No Longer Needs to be Funny

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Leftists are now asserting that comedy no longer needs to be funny so long as it tells a story or has “emotional impact”.

In an article for New York Magazine, Jesse David Fox writes, “Like Post-Rock, Post-Comedy uses the elements of comedy (be it stand-up, sitcom, or film) but without the goal of creating the traditional comedic result — laughter — instead focusing on tone, emotional impact, storytelling, and formal experimentation. The goal of being “funny” is optional for some or for the entirety of the piece.”

Some prominent Twitter users reacted with scorn.

“Pardon me while I blow my brains out,” remarked Bridget Phetasy. “My favorite part of this article is how the author tries to get ahead of the criticisms of it by quoting a comedy historian as reiterating, “Comedy is always changing.” YEAH BUT COMEDY WAS ALWAYS FUNNY.”

“If Post-Comedy just requires getting on stage, bombing, and making people feel awkward and bad for me–look out world–I’m about to blow the fuck up,” she added.


Stand up comedian Joe Rogan reacted by tweeting simply, “LOL WUT.”


If comedy is no longer intended to be funny, then how can it even be called comedy?

Lecturing an audience about the latest ‘right on’ in-vogue social justice obsession is not satire, it’s indoctrination.

“Comedians are truth-tellers so good at telling the truth, they are more important to the state of the union than actual journalists,” writes Fox.

Which is awfully convenient, since every single late night comedian who enjoys a platform granted to them by major networks is a leftist.

If the mainstream comedy world embraced true diversity of thought and opinion and didn’t shun conservatives, I don’t think people like Fox would be so comfortable with comedians being seen as the new “truth tellers”.

As we highlight in the video below, people are becoming increasingly bored of “woke” comedy that tries to ram a political message down people’s throats as a substitute for being funny, with angry leftist comedians like Samantha Bee losing half of her audience since 2017.

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