If voter fraud goes unpunished, America will never again have a free and fair election

illegal votes

A contingent of Republican voters believes the mainstream media consensus that Joe Biden “won” the election. These folks have already thrown in the towel and are now looking to 2024 as the next opportunity to elect a conservative president. If the Democrats get away with election fraud in 2020, however, then 2024 is a moot point.

Anyone who thinks there will ever be another opportunity to hold a free and fair election if this fraudulent and unfair one is allowed to stand obviously has no clue what is at stake. Republicans will never again hold the White House if Democrats get away with stealing it now.

Everything that befell socialist Venezuela will eventually befall the United States, from continual fraudulent elections to the endless cycle of dictatorships they create. America will fall, in other words, if patriots fail to stand up now to prevent that from happening.

Regardless of your perspective on President Donald Trump, preserving free and fair elections is in your best interest as an American. And the 2020 election was anything but free and fair, hence the need to nip this thing in the bud while there is still a chance to do it.

Knowing that Dominion Voting Machines originated out of Venezuela, it is accurate to say that the 2020 election was run like a Venezuelan election, replete with all of the same fraud and corruption.

If Biden is installed, they might as well burn the Constitution

This is why patriots cannot sit idly by and hope for better luck next time, because there will not be a next time. If Biden is allowed to assume the White House when it is obvious that he did not actually win, then there will never be another chance to make things right.

A Biden administration would very quickly become a Harris administration, which would then stamp out our constitutional rights and liberties and replace them with full-on communism.

Every limitation currently being imposed by Big Tech on digital speech would also be applied to verbal speech, complete with a social credit scoring system to ensure that those who engage in “wrongspeak” are punished for committing “hate crimes.”

Face masks and vaccinations would quickly become compulsory at the federal level, with those who refuse to comply being barred from buying and selling. Christianity would also be illegalized because it promotes “hate speech” against LGBTQs and other protected groups.

Perhaps most significant from an economic perspective is the inevitable economic collapse that would result from the indefinite lockdowns that Democrats are attempting to keep in place forever. Once every last business and livelihood is destroyed, the Democrat plan is to usher in communism as the foundation for the “Great Reset.”

Allowing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be installed, in other words, would mean shredding our Constitution and replacing it with the heavy boot of tyranny. There is no other possible outcome, and this is why it cannot be allowed to happen – because once it does, there is no going back.

This is especially true when considering that the Democrats are also planning to scrap the Second Amendment, which is our last line of defense against a total government takeover of our land. Once the guns are gone, that will spell the end of America as we currently know it.

“Kamala Harris is Biden’s hand-picked successor who is radical and dangerous who envisions the following: gun confiscation, banning fracking, higher taxes, sanctuary cities, socialized medicine, the Green New Deal and defunding the police,” wrote one of our own commentators on a piece we published about how a Harris administration is the true goal once Biden is done being used.

More related news about the fraudulent election can be found at Trump.news.

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  1. Maybe America DOES need a good kick in the balls to wake the sleeping giant! While Americans worry about material things and sports and other frivolous pursuits, “their” government spreads misery and tyranny worldwide! All those nations that the Deep State USA has molested over the years so that US corporations can have a “friendly” leader in place have experienced misery and death and destruction on unparalleled levels! I greatly condemn vote fraud but isn’t this what the USA does to other nations? Now the people can get a taste of what “their” government does abroad because it has come home to roost and maybe they might demand a leader who RESPECTS other nations and brings down the Deep State apparatus that promulgates wars all over the place!.

  2. lol….Limited to 2 choices only; Dumb and Dumber, Worse and Worser. Pedo or Pedo’er. Puppets to Israel.

    That wouldn’t be the idea now, would it?

    ‘You elected a billionaire that is appointing other billionaires to fix the system that made them billionaires’?

    Oh. Okay

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