“If You Are Not Wearing At Least Five Masks, You Are A Killing Machine”


Why only wear one mask when you could be wearing four or five?  For months, Americans have passionately debated the merits of wearing a mask in public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Well, now the focus of the debate has shifted, because some health authorities are telling us that people should be seriously considering wearing more than one mask in public.  It turns out that wearing just one mask only provides a limited amount of protection, and we are being told that if you want maximum protection you should be donning multiple masks.

I know that this may sound crazy to many of you, but just this week the irrepressible Dr. Anthony Fauci told TODAY that “it just makes common sense” that two masks are better than one…

As Fauci explained, masks are physical coverings that prevent respiratory droplets from spreading to other people and provide a degree of protection to the wearer.

“So if you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective,” Fauci told TODAY.

Of course some people have already been wearing two masks for quite some time.  In fact, there are some that would like to convince us that it is quite fashionable.

Political figures are jumping on the bandwagon as well.  Earlier this month, our brand new transportation secretary was spotted wearing two masks during Joe Biden’s inauguration.

But nobody was ahead of this new trend like Joe Biden was.

In fact, he was photographed wearing two masks all the way back in October.

But are two masks really enough?

According to the CDC, a single mask is only about 50 percent effective.

Obviously our health authorities want us to have more protection than that, and so that is why there has been such a push to go to two masks.

But according to CNBC correspondent Contessa Brewer, two masks will only get us to about 75 percent efficiency, but if we are willing to wear three masks that will get us to about 90 percent efficiency.

But what about that remaining 10 percent?

Do we really want to play Russian roulette with our health?

Of course not.

According to Dr. Scott Segal, if you want maximum protection against COVID you may want to consider wearing four masks

“If you put three or four masks on, it’s going to filter better because it’s more layers of cloth,” said Dr. Scott Segal, chair of anesthesiology at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

But four masks still will not get you to 99 percent efficiency, and that would make you a serious danger to others.

In order to get close to 99 percent efficiency, you really need to be wearing at least five masks.

If you are not wearing at least five masks, you are a killing machine.

Wearing five very tight fitting masks will make it very unlikely that you will spread COVID to anyone else by what comes out of your mouth, and it will also make it very unlikely that the virus will enter your body through that passage.

Of course your hands are another “danger zone”, and so you will want to be wearing gloves at all times when you are in public too.

And the rest of your face is a potential danger as well.  So in addition to the five masks covering your mouth you will want to be using a clear plastic face shield at all times as well.

If you still don’t feel protected after all of that, you may want to consider walking around in a clear plastic bubble that will cover your entire body.

Yes, there will be some mockers that will call you “bubble boy” or “bubble girl”, but at least you will be safe from the virus.

Of course I am being facetious in this article.  I would never actually recommend wearing five masks or walking around in public in a plastic bubble.

In this piece, I have just been trying to point out how absolutely absurd things have become.

If we keep allowing our “health authorities” to push the envelope, they will keep wanting even more.

According to the Washington Post, health authorities in China have introduced “anal swab coronavirus tests”, and they are telling the Chinese people that they are necessary because they are much more accurate than other tests.

At this point, more than a million Chinese citizens have already been tested this way.

Of course if Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci started telling Americans that this is what we needed to do, millions of people would dutifully head over to the nearest medical facility for their tests.

We have become a nation of “sheeple” that blindly follow the dictates of our leaders even when they make no sense at all.

All the way back at the beginning of this pandemic, they were telling us that ordinary Americans should definitely not be wearing masks, and now they are trying to convince us that multiple masks are the way to go.

And they will probably want us to keep wearing masks long after this pandemic is over.

The blind are leading the blind, and our society is in the process of falling apart all around us.

In such an environment, it is absolutely imperative that all of us learn to think for ourselves.

If you want to wear a mask, then wear a mask.

If you don’t want to wear a mask, then don’t wear a mask.

But blindly following our clueless leaders is a recipe for disaster, because they are not as smart as they seem to think that they are.