Joe Biden Recommends Committing an Armed Felony with Your Gun


But it doesn’t matter, the nation is so polarized.

Dangerous, felony gun advice goes nationwide, “Just shoot him in the leg!” Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) condemns Joe Biden’s illegal dangerous advice.

What may be worse, ‘mess-media’ failed to inform the public.  Don’t they know it’s illegal to shoot to wound people?

Joe Biden – and mass media – apparently need better understanding here: This is the same man who suggested firing a shotgun blast through a closed door. The mandatory gun safety rule is: “Know your target before squeezing the trigger.”

Although Joe Biden demonstrated a nearly complete lack of knowledge about firearms law, firearms safety, self-defense, and crime-prevention tactics, he has never been questioned on these subjects by mass media.

The words “Second Amendment” get invoked periodically, followed by familiar wedge-issue talking points, and substantive detail never emerges. The paucity of understanding exhibited in these displays, not just “gaffes” that can be written off with chuckles, but careless ignorance and apparent willingness to act upon it, should alarm you. Based on the few statements he has made, it is not unfair to speculate that Joe Biden would be unsafe at a shooting range with a cocked pistol fully loaded with live ammo, and a paper target downrange. Yes, the very thought put a chill through us too.

Joe Biden suggested committing felonies with firearms to a national audience. JPFO recommends contacting their spokesperson and firearms expert Charles Heller ( to explain why those are both dangerous felonies, and better ways to handle similar situations. Mr. Biden’s encouragement to make noise shooting a gun up into the air is a specific criminal act. In Arizona, it’s called Shannon’s law.

“While it’s legal to use deadly force to defend yourself in the most dire circumstance, it’s never legal to intentionally wound someone. If you truly believe your life is at immediate risk, the last thing you want to attempt is the most difficult shot known – hitting a moving human limb in the fractions of a second where such a shot could be legally fired at a killer assaulting you. Given his statements, I suspect Joe Biden couldn’t even recite the basic three gun safety rules.” ~ Alan Korwin, Co-Author, Supreme Court Gun Cases

NRA's Gun Safety Rules
NRA’s Gun Safety Rules

Although websites were awash in chastising Joe for his foolishness, no one confronted the candidate with his unwise advice. For all we can tell, he still thinks shooting the legs out from under villains is a strategy. What sort of “news” media doesn’t bring this up? This is bigger than the Second Amendment, which is merely a concept and words.

This is iron and guns for Pete’s sake! Will somebody speak to the man? Say what, he’s holed up at home?


  1. That’s nice. Gang members don’t follow the law, or your advice. IF ‘SHTF’ next couple weeks, chances are the trigger pullers who were just ‘waking people up’ a month or so ago might decide to sight in on some human targets, at which point people will fire back, such are able and willing. That’s a big ‘if’, but we talk in all manner of hypotheticals these days. There’s a reason for the extra barricades, people are expecting Bad Juju. Said Juju is likely to contain flying bullets. And whether you’re pro-2A or against, about the time 911 is busy and there’s pistol-shot within earshot, you’re going to be wishing you had something a little more substantial than a slogan T-shirt. Maybe something with a trigger on it. Trump 2020

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