Kamala Harris insists that government should dictate how much red meat you are allowed to consume


When they aren’t busy virtue signaling in Spanish, the Democratic contenders for the presidency are busy coming up with new ways to take away your rights and instead put the government in charge, including by dictating the foods that you and your family are “allowed” to eat.

During one of the recent Democratic “debates,” Kamala Harris explained that she’s gung-ho about having the federal government restrict how much meat Americans are allowed to consume as part of continued efforts to “save the planet” from “climate change” and “global warming.”

According to Harris, Americans need to be eating far less meat in order to prevent carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from warming the planet to the point that it might flood the Obamas’ new beachfront estate in Martha’s Vineyard.

If only Americans were “educated about the effect of our eating habits on our environment,” Harris stated, then they would voluntarily agree to self-restrict the amounts of red meat they consume on a regular basis.

“As a nation, we actually have to have a real priority at the highest level of government around what we eat in terms of healthy eating because we have a problem in America,” Harris stated in response to a question from one of the town hall’s audience members about meat and climate change.

“We can talk about the amount of sugar in everything, and we can talk about soda, and we could go on and on, so the answer is yes,” she added, reiterating that Big Brother needs to force Americans to consume only “plant-based” foods because these are supposedly better for the environment.

Hypocritical Kamala Harris sure loves her pork chops, though!

However, not even one month before this climate town hall aired on CNN, Harris proudly tweeted a video of herself gobbling down a pork chop at the Iowa State Fair, announcing to her followers: “Finally got my pork chop!”

So it’s perfectly fine for Harris to consume meat, as she’s a leftist politician. But everyday Americans need to eat only soybeans, presumably, because these are considered “environmentally friendly” compared to the meat products that most Americans are used to eating.

One wonders just how many climate credits were spent by the pig that Harris’ pork chop came from, warranting her consumption of its muscle tissue? Or maybe because pork has long been called “the other white meat,” Harris simply assumed that it doesn’t count?

She obviously missed the recent propaganda piece that appeared in TIME, which called on all people everywhere to shift from eating any kind of meat, including pork, to eating an exclusively “plant-based” diet. This, claim climate scientists, will fix the problem of climate change and bring about world peace, or something.

This is also the agenda of communist China, which is trying to convince its residents that eating meat is destroying the planet.

“When I was in China two years ago a woman in the communist party, who works with the U.N., talked all about the necessity of changing eating habits and eliminating meat,” tweeted Katie Pavlich, an editor at Townhall.

“By government force. This is communism and 2020 Democrats are fully embracing it.”

Meanwhile, emissions are actually going down in the United States, despite the fact that tens of millions of Americans continue to consume animal flesh. The latest data shows that there’s less CO2 now than there was back in 1985, suggesting that there may not be a climate crisis after all.

“Man is an omnivore not an herbivore,” wrote one Townhall commenter in response to Harris’ statements. “What part of that scientific fact do these morons not understand?”

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