Leftist Politics of Racism and Sexism are Racist and Sexist


The words racism and sexism as used today by the left and the mainstream media are a psychological scam. The real meaning has been destroyed in favor of politically correct lies meant to frighten and deceive the simple-minded masses. Those seeking to divide us are pathological by nature, and they use these terms as weapons. Those individuals and groups who rely on this tactic are spreaders of a societal disease for the single purpose of fulfilling a political agenda. There is no caring or honesty evident, and no real compassion exists. Only anger, hostility, and hatred are pursued. These are the tools of division used by pretenders, those postmodernists who purposely propagate separation instead of unity in order to promote opposite identities.

Why the political focus on differences instead of similarities? After all, we are much more alike than different because we are all human beings, regardless of our individual color, culture, or uniqueness. What can be achieved by this strategy of pitting one against the other? Why does the ruling elite seek mass societal chaos through separation? Power is the answer to these questions. So long as division exists in the population at large, control over the masses is possible, and this is the desired end sought. The hidden risk inherent in this onslaught of progressive idiocy is complete civil unrest, and a following nightmare of tyranny and control.

Individual tolerance of one another without force of agreement is enough to promote a harmonious outcome between people. Differences in beliefs do not require hatred. No one should have to agree with or accept the beliefs of others, and no aggression is necessary given that individuals simply get along regardless of their differences. This all boils down to initial mutual respect without expectation or demand for conformance. Mind your own business, and leave others to mind theirs.

This all seems simple enough, so why all the animosity apparent between every group, every individual, every race and ethnicity, every sexual preference, and even between men and women? It seems insanity has become reality in a world gone mad.

Currently, agitators, especially leftists schooled in the socialist universities, revel in dividing society into a multitude of different factions by blaming all of society’s ills on white males. While victim seeking postmodernists consumed by their religion of identity politics see everyone except white men as some sort of special abused ethnicity or group, their dishonest attempt to uncover hate actually foments hate. This contradiction should be painfully obvious, but due to an ignorant popular belief in the socialistic notion of equality of outcome, blind pitiful indifference instead of reality consumes the masses.

Consider the most recent hysteria that anyone wearing “blackface” decades ago is now portrayed as a racist. Wearing “whiteface” is okay of course. As anyone should realize, imitation is more times than not a form of flattery. In addition, how many among us have at one time or another innocently dressed in costume for a party, a play, a reenactment, or just for plain kid fun? How many have played cowboys and Indians, played pirate, or dressed as any number of characters for Halloween? Was this racist? Of course not, but once accused, guilt is assumed with this crowd. The new norm is guilty first, and never innocent.

Current examples of unrestrained and absurd conduct shake the very foundation of sanity, and expand the bounds of imagination. There are no longer any moral boundaries and nothing is forbidden in this world of extreme radical behavior. The problem we are facing is that postmodern tyrants demand that every behavior and every transgression from the norm be not only accepted but also embraced. This attitude of false superiority and control is an obnoxious display of power through intimidation and threat. Many live in constant fear of offending one or another self-proclaimed minority.

But just as Jordon Peterson stood up to these left wing thugs in Canada, so should we all. They should be dealt with harshly, and without apology. There is no good reason to put up with such nonsense, and no reason to back down from their assault on normalcy and tradition.

What has happened to the psychological makeup of Americans? When did the populace become so sensitive as to not be able to deal with any adversity whatsoever? When did people become so weak and whiny? When did it become normal for entire groups of people to become offended by everything? This began with the emasculation of men, and will not end until all men, especially white men, are nothing more than cowardly, apathetic sissies. It seems this outcome is already well in progress.

When it becomes mainstream for men to be women, and women to be men, how far away are we from our own destruction? When the human condition is relegated to each individual or group being identified as black, white, brown, yellow, straight, gay, or trans, race and gender have become irrelevant, although it would seem otherwise with the hysteria evident in now progressive America. When everyone claims to be “special,” no one will be special.

We are all human beings. Once this concept is lost in the search for total individual uniqueness, nothing will be unique. We are all individuals, but we live within a society. Therefore, we have an obligation to get along, this for the betterment of all. Isolating each and every difference is racist and sexist, not the other way around. Those wishing to separate us are the problem, and they are the guilty parties in the matter of false hate they pretend to expose. They are the real racists and sexists, not those of us they condemn.