Leftists say “Adam’s apple,” “Achilles tendon” are “sexist” body parts

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A pair of angry feminist professors from Australia is on a mission to rename human anatomy and eliminate all historical references to men.

Body parts like the “Adam’s apple” and the “Achilles tendon,” both of which have male connotations, are “sexist” and need to go, according to Dr. Kristin Small, a gynecologist, specialist obstetrician and anatomy lecturer in Queensland.

She and Dr. Nisha Khot, a council member for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, say that any male references in the anatomical literature are “irrelevant and misogynistic,” simply because they do not center around women.

Since many human body parts are named after “men, kings, and gods,” according to these two, the time is ripe to “update” the medical lexicon and drop the so-called “gender bias” from the field of anatomy.

“I think we have a personal choice to decolonize our language and these historical terms will fade out,” Small reportedly told the Brisbane Courier Mail.

While Small still teaches her students the traditional names for male-referenced body parts, her goal is to gradually shift away from these and replace them with more “practical” and “descriptive” terms that better reflect her feminist beliefs.

For now, and for the purposes of exam-taking, Small plans to continue referencing what she calls the “dead man’s name” for human body parts, even though she would prefer references that are more female-centric.

Would anything make leftist feminists happy?

As for Khot, a trainee who is teaching other doctors how to come up with “alternative” terminology for human body parts, her goal is to eliminate the entire “patriarchal” history of medical definitions. She believes that women are not properly represented in most of the 700 body parts that are named after people, and this offends her.

“The young trainee doctors are mostly keen to learn the more relevant language and are often shocked when they hear the origins of some medical terms,” she is quoted as saying.

As one example, Khot brought up “hysterectomy,” a word that originated during a time when women were said to be treated for female hysteria by having their uteruses removed.

Various surgical instruments and tactics are also named after men, she says, including the Pfannensteil incision, Pfannensteil being the last name of a man who published a paper on incisions back in 1900.

The Achilles tendon, as earlier mentioned, is also “offensive” because it was named after the mythological Greek warrior Achilles, who was not a female. This is problematic to Khot and Small because the Achilles tendon is simply a tough band of fibrous tissue that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone.

Khot is also upset about the female reproductive system supposedly being named “after dead dudes.” She would rather it be accompanied by more “gender-neutral” terminology, though she did not provide any examples as to what she would prefer.

One wonders if there are any preferred changes that would make toxic feminists like Khot or Small happy, as they seem inherently unhappy and discontent with everything no matter how neutral or inconsequential it might be in the bigger scheme of things.

“Do these people wake up in the mornings wondering, ‘How can I derail mankind today?’” asked one Breitbart News commenter. “Next up they’ll want to rename everything Adam gave name to because it’s connected to God.”

“Consider that for most of the world, things like concern for drinking water, where to sleep at night, and violent crimes are their biggest problems,” wrote another, pointing out the insanity of belly-aching over such utter nonsense.

For more related news about far-left feminist hysteria over simple words, be sure to check out Libtards.news.

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