Man Disguised As Woman Tries To Rob Mobile Phone Store, But The Clerk Is Armed

guns save lives

A man tried to pull a fast one by attempting to rob a Boost Mobile store at gunpoint, after he had stolen a car, but his crime spree was about to come to an end at the hands of his intended victim.

A man dressed as a woman and wearing a wig tried to rob the Boost Mobile on Bush River Road at gunpoint. The clerk then pulled out handgun, and shot the suspect, according to a Facebook post from the Georgetown Police Department.

A gunfight ensued until the suspect fled the scene in a black Nissan Maxima. The suspect, later identified as Demetrius Lamar Jackson, drove to a Sunoco gas station where a woman picked him and brought him to Palmetto Health Richland. Jackson was treated for gunshot wounds to the stomach, and is in stable condition.

Just when they think they’ve found an easy target, an armed citizen who refuses to be a victim turns the tables.

There is no telling what Jackson would have done after he got what he was after, and it very well may have been shooting the clerk so that no witnesses were left behind. Luckily for the clerk, he thought ahead and made the decision to bring his firearm to work for such an occasion.

No mention as to whether or not the clerk was injured, but we hope that he got away without a scratch.

Which begs the question; Do you carry at work?


  1. He identifies as a woman and you people are discriminating against of him because beliefs. You racist, misogynist, transgender and cross-dressing haters.

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