Much Needed Satire : When Walmart required customers to wear masks, they had no idea THIS would happen…

walmart masks humor protest

Last week, Walmart announced that all its customers must wear masks. They mistakenly forgot to define the term “mask,” so Walmart shoppers came up with their own answers to that conundrum.

And they are beyond hilarious.

All photos below courtesy of, where you’ll find tens of thousands of other photos that are so psychologically tormenting, you’ll be begging for a mask to cover your eyeballs.

Just remember what Walmart people say when you’re taking photos of them to post on the Internet: They hate us ‘cuz they anus.

Lets make Dr. Fauci proud… You want masks? We give you masks!

A whole new rendition of the term “bag lady”…

My husband was about to throw these out, but they’re still usable! The only question is, does the ass side go in front, or back?

White diapers matter…

Luke, I am your pork-devouring father… and my tats are epic:

For some reason when I put this bag on my head, the whole Walmart store goes dark…

There’s a cereal killer on the loose at Walmart:

When we said “air filter,” we didn’t mean to take one off your car’s engine…


Coronavirus is no match for Storage Bin Man! This guy is like a walking cartoon of comedy:

It’s not quite the Cone of Silence, but rather the Umbrella of Plastic:

Did you know that if you attach two yellow masks together with shoe laces, you can make a pair of fashionable shorts?

Odds are, no one needs any special reminder to keep their distance from this guy:

But here’s a man with a social distancing idea that might actually work!

The wings make it work even better, helping you feel fresh and free!

Everything was going great today until my head got stuck in this fish bowl, so I figured why not just continue shopping with it on?

The highway construction crew called and they want their road cones back

Bee happy:

But officer, I was wearing a mask… just not on my face! Does that count?

I know the libtard Left has been destroying the meaning of words, but “mask” doesn’t mean “snorkel”…

And finally, like I said earlier, they hate us ‘cuz they anus.

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