OBEY : TSA to fine mask violators up to $1,500

TSA mask fine

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has recommended a fine of $250, increasing to up to $1,500, for repeated violations of its recently released federal transportation face mask requirement. Talk about a strong-arm move to crush people into obedience…

“Based on substantial aggravating or mitigating factors, TSA may seek a sanction amount that falls outside these ranges,” the agency wrote in a Friday update.

On Sunday, TSA was authorized to fine passengers who fail to comply with the new mask requirements on public transportation systems.

“This will help prevent further spread of COVID-19 and encourage a unified government response,” Darby LaJoye, a senior TSA official who is performing the duties of the agency head, said at the time. “As we continue to experience impacts from this pandemic, we are committed to this measure as the right thing to do for the TSA workforce, for our industry stakeholders and for passengers.”

President Biden enacted an executive order on Jan. 21 requiring federal agencies to take immediate action making masks mandatory on public transportation, after which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued guidance requiring face masks to be worn while travelers are at transportation hubs and conveyances.

The new requirements ask that travelers taking any public transportation keep their face coverings on while going through airport checkpoints, bus and rail stations, and while traveling on passenger aircraft, public transportation, passenger railroads and buses. The rules extend through May.

In addition to the penalties recommended by TSA, public transportation operators may also impose their own, according to CNN.

Muzzle up, don’t have free speech, violate all your rights. Typical day in the new Amerika.


  1. These are like those warned about by Alexander Solzenitzian and the FINGERMEN in the movie V for Vendetta. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE! So KILL THESE BASTARDS ENFORCING THIS TYRANNY NOW!!!

  2. I see TSA has gone full communist. Look at the dumb black bitch with the shield. A obvious sheep with power, which is one of the scariest things around. Stupid sheep with power to destroy your life. I’m sure most of the other Total Shit Agents are also sheep that believe in the virus. There is absolutely no proof that the virus exists. It has not been isolated anywhere. These stupid ass people that actually believe in the virus are treating it like a religion. The virus is god, Fauci the priest and the CDC the church and the gov’t the enforcers of the religion.

  3. Finally! The Blue Hand group has something to do! While we’re at it, what penalty for criminals who wilfully destroy the global economy, tear up the U.S. Constitution, establish a communist dictatorship, and poison your family to enforce an unfounded lie?

  4. U.S. v Mersky 361 U.S. 431: An administrative regulation, of course, is not a “statute, nor a law.” (paraphrased)

  5. This is a bullsh*t story, the TSA cannot enforce a mask mandate…conveniently that’s the punishment for trespassing,which is all they can hit you with for mask non compliance. Mandate is not law, if a officer cannot articulate the crime you have committed YOU CANNOT BE DETAINED, and are free to go, and by de facto, are free to stay.

    End of discussion….the only way they get you is contract law, laid over the top of common law….choose wisely which one you want to fall under…dont ever tell a officer you understand, because if you do they now stand OVER you. The key is, they must get you to contract with your enslavement, or it doesnt work.

    Take  Off  Your  Mask  And  Get  Off  Your  Knees  !    COVID-19 IS FAKE  !
    Unquestioning Gullibility And Obedient Compliance
    Are Unbecoming Of A Patriot  !

    FACT :   Thousands of highly credible and qualified doctors and scientists from around the world are adamantly insisting that Covid-19 is either completely fake or practically harmless and are being deliberately and systematically censored by the Mainstream media and governments.        ( Numbers Correspond To Links In CVHOAX.COM )                                                                2,3,7,8,9,11,14,17,33,34,35,36,40,44,55,59,60,61,62,63,69,76,80,82.83,86,90,104,147,157.

    FACT :   Covid-19 has never been scientifically proven to exist as it has not met any of the four criteria of Koch’s Postulate which is known as the Gold Standard of proof of a virus’s existence. The scientific study of germs is known as Germ Theory because it’s a THEORY !  Germs have never been proven to exist yet have been used to sell vaccines for over a hundred years.  Exosome Theory is far more plausible.  If you don’t know what Koch’s Postulate and Exosomes are then you’re not as smart or as well informed as you thought you were. This is an opportune time to drop your know it all attitude and open your ears.

    FACT :   The creator of the PCR Test used to detect Covid-19 said it was never intended to detect any virus.  Every Covid-19 death was caused by something else and falsely attributed to Covid-19. Do you believe hospitals would be tempted to claim that a patient who died of the Flu had instead died of Covid-19 if the Government gave them $50,000.00 to say so ?   Dr. Genevieve Briand, Assistant Director for MS in Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University, has proven the alleged Covid 19 has resulted in no excess deaths.       ( 157 ! )      12,23,24,29,40,94,103,120,122,130,135.    9,10,16,17,27,56,88,89,96,117,118,129,143.       21,25,30,67,68,72,84,150,151.      37. FACT :   Wearing a mask is utterly ineffective at blocking a virus. A virus can pass through a mask as easily as swimming under the Golden Gate Bridge. Prolonged mask wearing causes brain damage and respiratory illnesses. The first step to overcoming your mask fetish is to admit you have one. Do you wear your mask in your vehicle or outdoors when no one is near you ?  Until recently it was common knowledge that hand sanitizing inhibits one’s immune system while exposure to dirt and filth strengthens one’s immune system.  “ Mask Mouth ”.  If the Mainstream Media  and Government could convince you to do the Hokey Pokey they most certainly would. 40,57,59,70,71,78,79,87,95,101,102,132,139.140.
    FACT :   The Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ was planned years in advance and has been surreptitiously introduced into the public consciousness through popular culture. Many news articles reporting on Covid-19 are bizarrely coded with strange numbers.   19,20,38,42,46,47,48,52,53,54,56,77,121.         22,39,47,48,52,156.
    FACT :   Unconstitutional and criminal lockdown laws are destroying your freedom and your economic livelihood and your future.  Unconstitutional and criminal lockdown laws are causing the starvation deaths of millions of people in poor countries and soon in formerly wealthy countries. Is it wise to inject yourself with a drug falsely labeled as a vaccine, designed to alter your DNA and sterilize you, to prevent a virus that has never been scientifically proven to exist ? Is it wise for the U.S. Military personnel to be injected with this ‘vaccine’ ?  A perfect analogy to comprehend the social dynamic surrounding the public’s enthusiastic willingness to embrace the Covid-19 narrative
    without question can be seen in the video Titled “Key & Peele, Pegasus Sighting”.  Simply change the word “Pegasus” to “Covid-19”.  Orson Welles’ War Of The Worlds broadcast also comes to mind. Throughout history rulers have used human being’s deep desire to feel like they’re contributing to the greater good to manipulate the public to act against their own best interests.  “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.” – Napoleon Bonaparte.   The Emperor wears no clothes.                         Educate yourself or perish.           105,126,127,146,149,154,155.    18,50,51,65,74,75,85,92,100,106,107,108,113,114,119,128,134,149,152,153,158,159,160,161.
    FACT :   Lawsuits are currently being pursued against governments and other players that deceived the public to accept unconstitutional and criminal lockdown laws based on a fraudulent test to detect the nonexistent Covid-19.    58,59,64,91,124,131,141.
    FACT :  Four out of five Stanley Milgrams surveyed recommend critical thinking for their patients who want to live in reality and not blindly follow orders from whomever they consider to be an authority.   157,162.
    FACT :   Decades of thorough documentation of placebos and nocebos conclusively and irrefutably prove that human beings can both heal and sicken themselves with their thoughts and feelings alone.   Ray Charles.   Thalidomide.   Catherine Austin Fitts:
    Planet Lockdown, the missing 21 Trillion Dollars and FASAB 56.                      (163).


    You can lead a horse to water. You cannot cast pearls before swine.

  7. TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242
    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both;

    • Code is NOT law….plenty have gone this route with good results…code cannot abrogate the constitution…the key word there is willfully, and subject themselves…wilfully means you consent and contract with US code and can be charged. But if you’re not a subject and not contracting for police services they cannot touch you…via constitutional [common] law.

      Remember “just Keith”, he walked out of that courtroom and got the judge to bow to him…

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