On the Street, as You Drive, at Work and at Home – More Self Defense Gun Stories

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You probably didn’t see this news covered by the mainstream media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love.

First story- Are you armed as you shop for groceries?

You left the market and are walking back to your car in the dark. Two young men cross between the cars. They shout at you. A second later, one of them has a gun pointed at you. They want your money and your phone. Just that fast you’re being robbed.

You have your Ohio concealed carry license. You own a gun and you’re carrying it tonight. The news story doesn’t say how, but you shoot your attacker. He shoots too. He is critically wounded. You are shaken, but unhurt. You and the other robber run away. You call 911.

Police arrive and take your attacker’s gun. EMTs take him to the hospital. You give a brief statement to the police, including a description of your other attacker. Police arrest the other attacker nearby. Your first attacker dies in the hospital. Now,  the second attacker is charged with murder.

Second Story- Are you armed as you drive in a ride-sharing service?

You are a 39-year-old black woman and you’re driving for Lyft to earn some extra money. It is after midnight when you get a call that two men want a ride. Supposedly, Lyft screens the riders so they are safe. You pick up the two 20-year-old men outside an apartment building, but one of the men insists on riding in the front seat with you.

You take them to the address they requested, but it is a closed sports store. That is when the man in the back reaches over the driver’s seat and chokes you. The man in the front seat punches you.

You’re armed. You grab your gun from the console. You shoot the attacker next to you and you turn to shoot the attacker behind you. Both attackers run away. You drop your gun and drive away. Once you’re safe, you call the police. You give them a report of what happened.

The police contact Lyft. Lyft says your riders gave a fake ID and contact information. Lyft also says you can’t drive for them any longer.

Third story- Are you armed at work?

Another customer comes into your tobacco shop in the middle of the afternoon. You’re working behind the counter. The customer walks toward the checkout line and you step behind the cash register to serve him. The customer reaches into his pocket, pulls out a gun, and points the gun at you. What happened next is unclear. The story doesn’t explain how, but you move and get the gun kept behind the counter. You shoot your attacker several times. Now the attacker drops his gun. You stop shooting. The attacker tries to run, but falls down inside the store. You step back and call 911.

You talk to the police. The police disarm your attacker and begin CPR. EMTs try to revive your attacker, but he was declared dead at the scene. Detectives ask you some questions and interview other customers in the store. You also show them the store security video. No charges are filed against you.

Fourth story- Do you have a firearm nearby at night?

You’re at home and asleep in your bed. You wake up when you hear unusual sounds. You grab your shotgun and step into the hallway. At first you hear someone banging on your back door. That door is locked and you don’t let the stranger inside. A minute later, you hear someone in one of your back bedrooms. Then, a stranger comes out of that bedroom and moves toward you. You shout for the intruder to stop, and then shoot the intruder one time. Now your attacker stops advancing toward you. You backup and call 911.

EMTs take your attacker to the hospital. You tell the police what happened.

Later, you found out that your attacker had 12 warrants in cases of child abuse, violating a protective order, domestic assault and battery, burglary of an automobile, larceny, drug violations, concealing stolen property and threatening acts of violence. He was released from jail three days ago.

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  1. Lyft and Uber; Typical New Age Snowflake companies, more worried about repercussions than their people’s safety.

    I’d get that lady’s number and call her direct for all my ride needs. Sick of go-alongs, beta males, snowflakes, PC’s, Social Signalers……what a society. No wonder our only direction is downhill.

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