PC BS (British Style) : Woman Arrested for Calling A Trans Woman A Man

british police state

A British woman was arrested in front of her children and held in police custody for 7 hours after calling a transgender woman a man online.

Kate Scottow was detained following an argument on Twitter with a transgendered woman. She was charged with “harassment and malicious communications.”

“Malicious…” what?

Daily Mail:

Writing on online forum Mumsnet, Mrs Scottow – who has also been served with a court order that bans her from referring to her accuser as a man – claimed: ‘I was arrested in my home by three officers, with my autistic ten-year-old daughter and breastfed 20-month-old son present.

‘I was then detained for seven hours in a cell with no sanitary products (which I said I needed) before being interviewed then later released under investigation … I was arrested for harassment and malicious communications because I called someone out and misgendered them on Twitter.’

Confirming the arrest, Hertfordshire Police said: ‘We take all reports of malicious communication seriously.’

You will be forced to care…or else.

Aside from the tyrannical actions of the police and the odious “malicious communications” law, does anyone really believe that by arresting people who don’t agree that a man is actually a woman, you are going to change anyone’s mind? The “misgendering” of trans people is still a matter of opinion. There is no scientific basis to believe that a man can magically transform himself into a woman just by calling himself one. Therefore, the law becomes a tool of oppression and stifling dissent and not of fostering understanding.

Coercive measures to force acceptance of trans people are not going to work. You don’t change the culture by mandating that people be required to believe something they do not wish to believe. So this is not about gaining acceptance for trans people. This is all about the raw exercise of naked power in the most non-diverse, illiberal ways imaginable in order to punish political and cultural opponents.

Presently, this could never happen in the US, although I’m sure that trans activists would love to lock up those who don’t agree with them. Given the attitudes toward the First Amendment by many millenials, it’s probably only a matter of time before the activists get their wish.

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