Pro 2nd Amendment Students are Bullied by Fellow Students

The left has lost its mind. In the face of anti-gun rallies, that drew an astonishing 18 people, a group of local pro-2A kids wanted to counter that protest. One young man was pulled in to a boy’s restroom and was roughed-up, a pair of girls were taunted as NRA whores and pushed, shoved and called sluts. In a brief flash, the counter-protest died a bloodied bullied mess before it even got off the ground.

These parents want their kids safe, and the local paper that virtually sponsors the Brady Campaign locally ignored the incident. I understand that the kids who were assaulted will be in private schools as soon as it can be arranged. The parents want it all to go away. They live in an upper-class neighborhood only to find their neighbors threatened their children.


The local Brady Campaign isn’t content with beating up kids, they’ve threatened the life of local NRA members and threatened local businesses as well. In hosting an FNRA event, they commented on our FB page their desire to shoot up the event. The worst they did was have a white pickup pretend to swerve and aim their truck at two NRA members entering the event. Then they yelled F*** the NRA. Class act right? The most common theme of their comments was that the NRA and gun owners had no right to be in the 805. (That’s our area code)

Now the 805 is referred to as “The Gold Coast” it’s a great place to live, but in reality it should be called “The GUN Coast” With a population of 800,000 people in the County we have just over 300,000 gun owners.


Not all the anti-gun comments were as insane as the people running the protest. When we explained that the NRA Foundation and the NRA are NOT the same things some of them were embarrassed. Some were shocked to find real people and their neighbors on the other side of the event. However, the organizers would have protested even if we were the National Restaurant Association. They didn’t care they just wanted an excuse to throw their party.

Yes, we involved the police, and we shared all the comments and posting they put up. Not really much the LEO’s can do though. The school’s district just wanted it swept under the rug and claimed not to know about it. What are the kids to do when their teachers are the ones organizing the anti-gun rally and who more than likely send the bullies after them?


So we all know that these same people were the ones behind the SWATing incidents a few years ago, now this. They’ve already gotten people killed, and they will get more people hurt or killed as time goes by. They have no problem going after children or your families.


The left is becoming more and more violent, and with less and less discrimination was to who they target and why. We cannot rely on the authorities (could we ever?).


Watch your own back and those of your family and friends, be prepared as best you can and join a gun rights group to fight these bullies and terrorists the best way we can… with education.


About Don McDougallDon McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.