REAL Questions for the Next Debate


How about these list of questions for the next presidential debate:

Should the state and science be separated?

Why should “experts” in one field, such as science or epidemiology, be presumed to know what the tradeoffs and opportunity costs are  of their lockdown policies?

Are lockdowns, mask wearing, social distancing mandates by the federal or state governments constitutional?

Would civil protests against lockdown policies be afforded the same civil protection as protests for Black Lives Matter?

Are the Federal Reserve policies of zero interests and quantitative easing supportive of income and wealth inequality? If so, why should race equality be added to its dual mandate?

Should the Supreme Court be packed (since this question has been asked but not answered, I submit it be reposed!)?

How long do “temporary emergencies” last? The initial rationale Trump asserted for a nationwide lockdown was to “flatten the curve” to avoid hospitals being overrun with emergency cases but once that threat evaporated, with the possible temporary exception of New York City,  the goalposts have been changed and moved so as to make a temporary measure a permanent part of the landscape.

Is prolonging biological life in the Covid bubble while denying citizens culture, sports, the right to attend religious houses of worship or visit gravely ill family members a life worth living?

Who will pay for the 4 trillion and counting federal deficit created this year to fill the “hole” created by the mandated cessation of economic activity?

Do tariffs, buy American policies and subsidies to other favored special interest groups advance the interests of the American consumer?

Will an increase in the minimum wage law lead to more minority unemployment?

Will racial diversity policies including affirmative action and quotas in college admissions policies lead to more racial discrimination?

Should the State and education be separated?

Was the Iraqi war justified and , if so, was it worth the cost?

What is your philosophy on the role of the US government in overseas conflicts in the Middle East?

President Eisenhower alerted Americans to the dangers of the military industrial complex and President Kennedy wanted to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces. Should their warnings be heeded? If so, explain how you implement their advice?

Instead of any of these topics, we have had debates that really aren’t even debates but rather shouting contests, accusations, avoidance of questions and slogan-filled jibberish with perhaps the most entertaining element being whether a fly would be trapped in Pence’s perfectly coiffed hair! In the words of Hillary Clinton, the true deplorables are both parties’ candidates for our highest office and the true losers in all of this sordid chicanery is the American people. If only we had an HL Mencken instead of the mainstream media to comment on this circus!


  1. Why hasn’t the 27 trillion Federal debt been addressed or stopped? Will It end in Bankruptcy? What are you going to do about it?

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