Shady “NewsGuard” organization aims to censor all independent media so that false narratives of establishment media can no longer be challenged

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A shady organization of intelligence operatives, propagandists, and their pawns have come together to become the official judge and jury over the internet’s 7,500 most influential websites. This organization, called NewsGuard, will rate each and every news site and warn consumers about “untrustworthy” independent news sites. NewGuard propagandists analyze each site and stereotype its content by either writing an article to promote the site or writing a hit piece to demonize the site.

Internet browsers can download the NewsGuard plug-in to be automatically updated on their devices, alerting them about the trustworthiness of news sites in real time. The sites that are approved are color coded green. Some sites may be colored yellow and others, like RT, are bathed in red. This color coding system has already been tested and found effective for averting consumer attention away from sites that authority figures don’t want you to read while manipulating attention to the sites authority figures want your mind to be engaged with.

NewsGuard operation to assert authority over the internet, dictating which sites are true and which ones are off-limits

Already, NewsGuard has given CNN and FoxNews high ratings, while red-flagging independent news sites that don’t parrot the script and narrative of establishment media. NewsGuard is a manipulative regulation over information, an attempt to control the narrative on important topics. By policing the internet in this way, NewsGuard tells the population what is true and what is off-limits conspiracy-thinking. One of NewsGuard’s advisors, Richard Stengel, publicly supported the need for domestic propaganda in the U.S. At the time, Stengel was working to force the public’s compliance to former President Obama’s political agenda.

NewsGuard is lobbying state government and wants to incorporate their news site ratings within every school, library and on every smartphone and computer in the U.S. This organization is meeting with Big Tech executives to incorporate NewsGuard’s authority across social media. In this way, consumers will be herded to pay attention to official sources and ignore specific sites that have been essentially blacklisted. This is all happening in plain sight.

The only force that is holding government and corporate officials accountable is the independent media. NewGuard is a tool to destroy the credibility and validity of important independent news sites. The authoritarian narratives of the elite mainstream media are often debunked by new facts, peer-reviewed science, and grassroots testimony that appear first in the independent media. In order to quash dissent and manipulate consumers, NewsGuard has been put in place. NewGuard’s advisors include intelligence and communications officials that have worked in government for the past three administrations.

This organization has also created a service called BrandGuard, which directs advertisers to promote only on NewsGuard-approved news sites. Unapproved independent news sites will automatically lose advertising revenue, threatening their very survival. News sites that do not go along with official narratives will be cut off from funding and will be red-flagged by NewsGuard’s universal rating system.

In this way, Twitter, Google and Facebook users will see the associated press “official story” first, while being manipulated to turn a blind eye to more authentic journalism from grassroots sources. Official sources such as CNN have had to retract countless misleading stories on the Russia-collusion narrative. Their liberal media bias and corporate agenda is evident, but this is exactly the news that NewsGuard wants people to be consumed with. News organizations such as FoxNews publish the most unfounded propaganda on natural medicine while promoting endless wars, but this is exactly the news that NewsGuard’s insiders want the population to be inundated with.

Red-flagged independent media brings perspective to the same old left-right political topics. Red-flagged independent media links to peer-reviewed science to explain new facts and discoveries on topics that are usually controlled by pharmaceutical companies. As people learn to make sense of their own reality, they will turn to the red-flagged independent media to learn more about the waste, fraud, deceit, and abuse that occurs in high places.

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