Stunning Ripple Effects From Coronavirus Business Closures

coronavirus economy

Never before in history. This has never happened. That is, the extent at which businesses are closed. It is stunning. Astounding. Look around. What do you see?

As I drive from my little town over to the next little town, I see nearly empty streets. Little traffic. Shuttered businesses. It’s happening all across America. All across the planet.

Closed for business. Businesses are dying. As a result, Job loss. Layoffs. Everything is closed except for “essential” business.

The follow-on effects from this are going to be massive. The ripple effects of how one business affects another. Right down the line… It’s stunning when you begin to really think about it.

How many small or medium size businesses are going to survive this?

And “if and when” this Coronavirus is behind us, how many will be gone forever? And how long might it take to get back to relative normalcy? What is this world going to look like?

If this only runs on for a few weeks, sure I can see a way out. However as this goes on for months, or longer, it’s going to be utter devastation.

It’s getting real, folks.

I live in a rural community. Many of the local businesses closed. Or being hit hard by the lack of business – and I know who these people are. They have bills to pay, rent to their landlords, employees, perhaps bank loans for their business related equipment. But production has ceased. As the weeks go by, it will hurt even more…

This is not limited to my rural community. It’s everywhere. More and more state governors are shutting down their states. Self inflicting. It’s astounding the extent at which this is happening.

How is this going to end?