The FBI spent 80 years CREATING domestic terrorism; now they will target 80 million voters by labeling them terrorists, too

FBI terrorism

A study by the Center on National Security at Fordham Law School unveiled the FBI’s pervasive role inciting domestic terror. The study investigated 138 domestic terror incidents in the US between 2001 and 2012. Every single one of these incidents involved FBI informants. The informants did not simply observe the terror, nor did they try to thwart it. Instead, the informants played a leading role in carrying out the terror plots. They helped plan the terror and supplied collaborators with weapons. The FBI informants gave instructions and even went as far as recruiting Islamic terrorists. It turns out that “terrorism” is rarely a naturally occurring, self-organized plot. Instead, terrorism is often executed because it is incited, aided and abetted by federal law enforcement agencies.

John Ashcroft’s 2001 Patriot Act was modeled after Joe Biden’s 1994 Omnibus domestic surveillance legislation, which was drafted after the 1994 Oklahoma City bombing. After 9/11, the FBI was reinvented and given new priorities to focus on domestic terrorist surveillance, prevention, disruption and entrapment. Today, Biden is overseeing the greatest witch-hunt in the history of the United States, giving steroids to the original “war on terror,” in an attempt to quash all dissent. Under Biden, the FBI has already been used to “vet” the National Guard troops for political obedience at the inauguration!

FBI wants to make terrorists out of 80 million Trump supporters, target political dissent as criminal

After years of creating domestic terrorism, the FBI now wants to target 80 million Trump voters by labeling them terrorists, too. In order to cover up their involvement in a wide range of crimes and criminal activity, the FBI must now target anyone who thirsts for justice and ensnare anyone who wants government officials to be held accountable for their crimes. Anyone who dares mention election fraud is now a suspicious character. Anyone who dares fight government corruption, tyranny and control is to be seen as an infidel who incites disorder, insurrection and chaos. Anyone who finds the current regime morally repugnant and in violation of the US Constitution is to be targeted and sent to re-education camps. The FBI is quickly becoming a gestapo force, as their war on terror expands to take on all opposition to the elite, untouchable political class.

The FBI is corrupt to the core. They will promise criminals leniency or money if they act as informants. These informants don’t merely observe criminal behavior. They encourage it and implement scripted strategies to frame others. The informants goad their targets, and initiate inflammatory political rhetoric to coerce their targets to incriminate themselves.

Big Tech censorship of Trump and his supporters is a surveillance tactic used to create terrorists out of ordinary citizens

Big Tech is part of the FBI, the CIA and the greater surveillance community. Sites like Facebook and Twitter offer valuable intelligence into trending attitudes and impending group behavior. The widespread censorship of Donald Trump and his supporters shows just how far the intelligence community will go to threaten, coerce and intimidate people into thinking they are engaging in criminal acts, just for standing up for their principles and beliefs. There is much more behind this censorship purge than just the stifling of free speech. This act is part of a war on the people themselves, making them fear their own voice, the facts and the truth. This censorship is about declaring ownership over patriots’ ideas, passions and fights. The censorship is a guilt-trip, to stop patriots from questioning authority, so they will blindly obey the regime. This phrase sums it up well: “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

By threatening 80 million Trump supporters for ‘inciting insurrection and engaging in domestic terror’, the FBI is trying to silence as many people as possible, forcing their targets to self-censor and concede their beliefs. Those who stand out will be targeted, ensnared and made an example of. The key to surviving this is to continue speaking truth, but not to engage with those suspicious characters who try to goad you to say and do things that could incriminate you. Under the Biden regime, speak up, discern your surroundings, and watch your back!

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  1. Farcical Bureau of Instigation.
    Their adent/informant is always the ringleader/kingpin. I guess that’s easier than trying to penetrate a tight circle. Just create the circle yourself. And lead on people who probably wouldn’t have amounted to much if anything if left to themselves. Create the plot in secret and then bust it in great fanfare.

  2. Farcical Bureau of Instigation.
    Their agent/informant is always the ringleader/kingpin. I guess that’s easier than trying to penetrate a tight circle. Just create the circle yourself. And lead on people who probably wouldn’t have amounted to much if anything if left to themselves. Create the plot in secret and then bust it in great fanfare.

  3. In dealing with Totalitarianin-Corruption at this level, people are left with only one option is they want to live with freedom and dignity, or survive at all, and that is to unite into guerilla armies and totally eradicate this corrupted-totalitarian-cabal-controlled-governmental-police-state system. It only requires 3-5% of the determined few to accomplish this task. Initially, the system’s police and military will have to be defeated and killed, eliminating to nation’s enforcement component.

  4. Correctly pronounced FBLIE! Prissy CORRUPT Chrissy WRAY should be doxed, dragged from his home and SET ON FIRE on live YOUTUBE TV for the edification of this nation. FAKE MAGABOMBER, sanitizing Jeffy Epstein’s island and smashing Hillywitch’s phones just a few of this fat pug nosed BASTARDS CRIMES! GIT R DONE!

  5. Well, 500 years ago, it was the “Heretics” to be burned at the stake ?
    Today they’ll call them whit domestic terrorists …

  6. As someone who doesn’t vote, I can say that THIS election proved for all time voting means absolutely nothing, and NOW they’re using the voter roles as their ‘list’ to round up or persecute.

    And just an FYI, I got a visit from a friend who spoke to his buddy, an ex-Ranger, who lives by a FEMA Camp. Said it’s never been so busy by 1/10th.

    Now. FEMA says they’re setting up for their Vaxtermination Program. Not a far jump to being ‘open for business’……

  7. So, remake the apparatus into what it should be: A federal bureau that…investigates stuff. Anomalies.
    strange and unusual things. Actual crimes. De-politicize it and re-engineer it to be pride of the nation, kind of thing. You don’t have to invent anything to understand there are seditionists, malcontents, and hard core criminals in this country, to go with the scofflaws, cyberthieves, regular thieves, and people of low character and ill repute you probably shouldn’t turn your back on. And then, we’ve got foreigners like the Norwegian dude that sparked off the wildfire in AZ, and the lesser arsonist who did a miserable half-hearted failjob. And, flying saucers. And, other mysteries.

    Don’t disparage or impugn the FBI. But, DO protest its abuse, mismanagement, etc. Some people DO hate the govt., that’s very plain. It’s also plain that they have other problems.

  8. Obviously we can criticize the FBI and the current administration, so who is it that we are not permitted to criticize? I’ll give you a hint:
    The only religion in history that celebrates Genocide as a national holiday. Starts with a ‘P’, ends with a ‘M’ come on…..I know you can do it…..

  9. So the terrorist FBI has the nerve to call or accuse someone else or some group terrorist? Another upside example of how far this nation and many of the people have slipped.

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