Top 10 hypocritical SCHOOL RULES during Covid

school rules

Although Covid is no worse than the flu, the latter of which has suddenly disappeared from existence in America, students and school faculty alike who are attending “in-person” are forced to endure all the stupidity and idiocy that comes with quarantining the healthy. There’s a reason every student and teacher in America must wear a mask to school, and it’s not about Covid safety — in fact, it has nothing to do with Covid protection at all. This is very shocking to most people, especially those who believe that our entire medical system is designed to help you.

You see, just like the flu shot or the Covid shot, masks spread disease rather than prevent it from spreading. How? Simple. The person wearing the mask gets sick from diseases like pneumonia, as the bacteria in the mouth releases toxins that make their way to other parts of the body, including the lungs and brain. Yes, oral bacteria can break into the bloodstream, that’s a scientific fact we already know from chronic gum disease. Still, masks are mandatory nearly everywhere, no matter the science or facts.

In America, medical stupidity reigns supreme, especially in schools, where everyone is systematically lobotomized and slowly poisoned

Over 6 billion bacteria from more than 700 different species live inside your mouth, many of which provoke disease, rather than fight it. Now they’re trapped by a mask that breeds it all like a balmy, cultured Petri dish. That’s just the beginning of the absurdity and hypocritical functioning going on. Let’s take an inside look at the top 10 ways you spread disease in schools, rather than prevent or fight it.

#1. “You MUST wear a mask!”

Disease-ridden, cheap, homemade Covid masks do more harm than good. More than 2 dozen oral species are linked to diseases and conditions in other parts of the body. So make that bandana-mask from any cloth you got, and make it double-layered, even though the holes in nearly every mask are much larger than the Covid virus particles (microns). It’s like throwing a basketball through a hula hoop.

#2. The CDC, your school, and every hospital HIGHLY recommends getting the entire series of Covid vaccines!

Even though the series of Covid jabs are highly experimental, have no proven results in clinical studies, and come with a laundry list of horrific side effects (more than the dreaded flu shot), including blood disorders and death (as hundreds of Americans have already died directly from the Covid vaccine series). Guess you can’t ask that healthcare worker to testify, who just passed away right after getting the deadly Covid vaccine.

#3. Social distancing of 6 feet is required at all times!

So what ever happened to herd immunity? Suddenly Covid comes and every vaccine theory to date suddenly vanishes, and every person in every school has lost their collective mind. Even after getting vaccinated, the CDC is telling everyone to continue to wear masks and social distance, all but admitting the vaccine is worthless (and harmful).

#4. Don’t share any classroom materials!

Yet at recess and P.E., everyone touches all the same balls, toys, monkey bars, swings, and all other exercise paraphernalia (then they touch their face and mask repeatedly, spreading all the germs).

#5. Do not dare to share any supplements at school, especially vitamin D or C!

No school would be complete without absolutely worthless food and beverages, including GMO everything, antibiotic and hormone-laden milk, cheese and meat, those blood-clogging canola-oil-laden fries, and HFCS-loaded sweets. But don’t you dare bring supplements to school that prevent and beat Covid, or the teachers who do will be fired on the spot for daring to share. School nurses and heads of school take heed.

#6. Wear your mask during virtual classes to prove your ‘solidarity.’

Oh yes, they do. Social media is chock full of videos and screen shots of schools, corporations, and colleges that nearly require you wear your mask while home alone, indoors, just to add to the chaos and mind-numbing idiocy of it all. Cognitive dissonance is key to keeping order among the masses of peons suffering brain damage and mass mental poisoning from tap water and flu shots.

#7. Use anti-bacterial products and disinfectants all day on your hands and body to prevent the spread of Covid! There’s nothing worse than overdosing on antibacterial products (think Triclosan here) and rendering your immune system useless (by killing all the good bacteria too), and that’s what’s happening across the US in every school at every level. Most of these “disinfectants” contain chemical compounds that literally cause respiratory problems, rather than preventing them (mixing bleach with ammonia creates mustard gas, by the way).

#8. Your temperature must be checked before entering the school building, as a fever is a sign you have Covid! If it’s winter and you’re in a heated car, the thermometer is going to misread your temperature as high. Oops, go home! You’ve got Covid. You’re a danger to everyone.

#9. You can come to school immediately after getting the Covid vaccines! Vaccine shedding is a proven fact and you can spread the disease from a dirty vaccine or a mutated strand of it as the vaccines are mRNA driven so your body is creating ‘spike protein’ fragments of the virus. Yes, they are lying to everyone right now.

And the #10th most hypocritical school rule during Covid is… wait for it…

#10. Schools must limit the time students spend outside during school, or the kids might ‘overdose’ on vitamin D!

So all teachers should be fired for taking their students outside for recess during fall/spring since that’s “giving” them vitamin D supplementation, and according to the FDA, CDC, and WebMD, Vitamin D is poison, even from sunshine, but vaccines containing heavy metal toxins (including mercury and aluminum) are good for the kids! So, that also means no more orange juice with added vitamin C or milk with added vitamin D. Tune your internet dial to for updates on natural remedies for everything under the sun.

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  1. I find this article absolutely shocking. Despite all the utter nonsense that is thrust upon the populace that is so ubiquitous, the writer has provided this lonely article that so elegantly rips into a broad spectrum of the insane Covid school protocols that are being endured by the world’s children, aka child abuse.
    I hesitate to add to such a well written article, but as a critic, it is what I do. I highly recommend that you make a copy of this accurate and thorough article for further reference. I will make my additions in a separate post.

  2. The big pink elephant in the room is being overlooked. The article states quite accurately that, “…medical stupidity reigns supreme..”. Albeit, that requires the logical, but false, assumption that the rules are for health benefits and not for nefarious purposes. It is difficult for those of us with a moral conscience to remove that human bias and see what would otherwise be so obvious. Try seeing the following facts for what they truly are.
    HISTORY: Over a century ago the N.E.Journal of Medicine recognized “Fresh Air Therapy” (aka Taking the Air) as a proven therapy for viral infections due to undeniable results when used against the Spanish flu. It was so effective that hospitals were constructed on single floors with cross ventilation, patios for each room, high ceilings and other accommodating health features. Also in our past, many a parent knew to place an infant out in the fresh air if sick. Note that the virus is transmitted by the hands of the host and the recipient and its ports of entree are by touching the eye or the nose. The mouth isn’t involved.
    TODAY: Wear a face mask and stay inside.
    HISTORY: The following are scientifically recognized as benefiting the immune system by up to 100 per cent: Freedoms, hugging, laughing, dancing, singing, kissing and most anything social that makes one happy.
    TODAY: The following are scientifically recognized as depressing the immune system by up to 50 per cent:
    Mandates, social distancing, fear, stress, confusion, lies, dependency, uncertainty and whatever makes one unhappy.
    HISTORY: Virtually all disease results from malnutrition, such as mineral deficiencies that will present with an acidic body that is thus receptive to disease (Doctors: Theodore A. Baroody, William Howard Hay and Linus Pauling). Viral infections are not possible in humans that maintain a neutral pH. Sodium bicarbonate was used during the Spanish flu to prevent and successfully treat the virus by raising the body’s pH. Iodine was sprayed in the class rooms to effectively protect the students. Vitamin D and/or sun exposure will improve the immune response as will many other supplements.
    TODAY: Only a Covid vaccine is recommended with all of its’ drastic and permanent effects. Note that the vaccine will NOT prevent you from getting Covid and thus it is not even a true vaccine.
    CONCLUSION: Believe what you will, but this IS the beginning of depopulation where even the tests will be used to help spread the disease to the uninformed. Go willingly or refuse to partake, you will not be given a second choice once you get your first jab or impregnated test.

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