We Just Want a “Safer America” Swear Gun Banners

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“In any ‘compromise’ between food and poison, only death can win. In any ‘compromise’ between good and evil, only evil can profit.” ~ Ayn Rand

In a recent interview with the New Yorker, a highly-regarded (among her fellow liberals) “progressive” politician, Lucy McBath, talked about the “religion of guns” and starkly reveals, in painful detail, the way American leftists plan on degrading, stripping, impoverishing, isolating, marginalizing, terrorizing, and eventually incarcerating American gun-owners, dealers, gunsmiths, and manufacturers.

Progressives’ clearly-stated goal is to dissolve, in its entirety, our historically-important culture of private gun ownership in the USA.

They assure us (as a spider assures a fly) they just want a “safer America.”

  • Castro claimed to want a “safer Cuba,” so he enlisted the professional assistance of ever-eager murdering, Argentinian thug, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, to deliver an endless supply of previously disarmed “dissidents” to Castro’s torture-cells and firing squads.
  • Mao wanted a “safer PRC,” so he sent his red-book-waving Red Guards to hunt-down previously disarmed “dissidents,” so that they could be herded into gulags, tortured and murdered.
  • Pol Pot wanted a “safer Cambodia,” so he dispatched hordes of grim-faced twelve-year-old murdering monsters to find and then deliver previously disarmed “dissidents” to Tuol Seng (the “prison-of-no-return”) or directly to Pot’s notorious killing fields, filled as far as one could see with the bleached skeletons of millions of innocent people, of all ages.
  • Joe Stalin wanted a “safer USSR,” so he let loose the “Cheka,” followed by the dreaded NKVD, to find previously disarmed “enemies of the state” behind every door, and underneath every bed, all candidates for brutal “interrogation,” slow, painful death in gulags, sometimes summary execution.

Liberal progressives are today working tirelessly to similarly convert all American gun-owners to outcasts, all “suspects,” all dangerous “dissidents.” Fellow citizens, who know what is good for themselves, will shun us completely, lest they share the same fate.

How bitterly ironic:

We patriotic American owners and bearers of guns want only peace. That’s all we’ve ever wanted.

Liberal gun-haters want war, just like their philosophical antecedents (above).

The term, “liberal,” really doesn’t do them justice.

And, in case you missed it:

In order to do business with the City of LA (run by liberals), vendors and contractors are now required to disclose any association with the NRA!

Will LA city officials also ask, “Do you have any Jewish relatives?”


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