We Will Dig Down to the Root of This Thing That Ravages This Land and Pluck It Out

out of touch

It starts with the face masks.

It starts with one set of lockdown rules for us, another for them.

It starts with one set of election rules for us another for them

It starts with one set of investment rules for us, another for them

In December 2007, a doctor from Lake Jackson, Texas found himself bolstered by a movement he didn’t really know existed.

Because he ran for the highest office that cycle and spoke truthfully, unceasingly, American politics was never the same again.

Fast-forward three years to the Tea Party. Those running to be congressmen and senators galvanized that movement, and then it shattered into pieces, distracted pieces.

Fast-forward five years to the Trump candidacy. Renewed focus was given to that movement.

We stand here, with a genie that won’t be put back in the bottle, has no concept of how powerful it is, and has no leader.

Heck. It doesn’t need a leader. That’s the nature of libertarian and conservative politics. It has people as aggressive and dedicated as honey badgers, each doing their own thing. Step by step amazing things get done.

It’s not the most organized. But that’s an advantage for many reasons. One advantage is: There’s no snake to chop the head off of. That energy turns into a whackamole game for the establishment. Not only can they not stem the tide, they can’t even make sense of the randomness of it all.

They can’t see how Game Stop and the new American homeschooling revival and vaccine hesitancy — culture-wide unlike anything seen for decades — and Elon Musk and yes even, to a degree, the popularity of AOC are all part of the same thing. It’s not random. The American people are done being ruled by you. As we speak, dear establishment drone, you are overplaying your hand. And you are the only person at the table who can’t see that.

From Andrew Ross Sorkin commenting on how buying Game Stop stock is an “attack” on the company, to Gavin Newsom whining about people not following lockdown orders, the common denominator of the figureheads is a tone of whininess unlike anything ever seen from them. It’s become so normal that they even chose a whiner to be the fake Vice President in their sham election charade.

And the more they all whine, the more happily the recall signatures pile up for the California Governor who desires to be President of the United States, who desires to devastate his country the way he devastated his state. It wasn’t the Chinese Communist Party who destroyed California. It wasn’t Beijing that destroyed Main Street America. It was the American communists and the corona communism they placed upon us when they closed our businesses, closed our churches, and declared our lives unessential and illegal.

We need to remove these voices from their positions of any authority in our lives by tuning them out and raising up better to replace them.

But that’s the surface. Those are symptoms.

The slaves are rising up. They won’t take your vaccine. They won’t take your mask. They won’t stay inside.

Those battles are being won. Others are ahead of us.

Will the slaves take your false flag attacks?

Will the slaves take your massive deep state?

Will the slaves take your slave money?

We’ve had a comfortable two decades since 9/11 leaving government in control. We need to get back to our roots and remind ourselves that government is never to be left in control: least of all in a crisis.

Because then all they have to do is call a crisis to regain control. If we can move beyond that then we are home free.

Daily, people are moving beyond that. Daily, people are coming to realize 2020 is not what they said it was. 9/11 is not what they said it was. JFK was not what they said it was. If they will lie about that, what else will they lie about? 

A lot.

Public enemy number one was impeached on his last week of office — a citizen politician who thought he could lead a populist revolt in DC. Spoiler Alert: he did, only it didn’t start on January 6, 2021, but June 16, 2015 when we began to see what was possible. It was never about him.  It was about me. About you. About us. It was about us seeing what was possible. And that’s truly scary to them.

Public enemy number two is a citizen journalist imprisoned for showing how criminal our “trusted” sources were. He rots in Belmarsh Prison. Long live Julian Assange!

They can only hope that they can stem the tide there. By putting a few people in prison.

They can’t. Dr. Simone Gold was arrested for being at the Capitol January 6. Brandon Straka was arrested for being at the Capitol January 6. Baked Alaska was arrested for being at the Capitol January 6. These are plantation Democrats who are done supporting the insiders of either party.

The now deceased Rush Limbaugh, as he prepared to look his maker in the eye, was practically the only voice in the media who recognized what was happening January 6 and did not apologize.

And it’s not about party. Trump is a third party coup of the establishment uniparty. He is Ron Paul 2020, Pat Buchanan 2020, Ross Perot 2020, Pat Robertson 2020, Aaron Russo 2020, Irwin Schiff 2020, what the Libertarian Party might have been under Murray Rothbard’s leadership instead of enfeebling distraction 2020, Larry McDonnell 2020, my aunt 2020, my cousin 2020, my daughter 2020. The American dinner table 2020. American entrepreneurs 2020, Working class Hispanics who live along the southern border 2020, every European who doesn’t trust Brussels 2020, Baltimore, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago is in pain 2020, traditional Catholics 2020, free speech 2020, Howard Beale 2020, the church that didn’t close down 2020, the four years of babies who lived because of the Mexico City Policy 2020, Fill in the blank 2020, the end of Lincoln Project pedophiles 2020, Dick Cheney is a war criminal 2020, and so is Madeline Albright a war criminal 2020, Ruby Ridge, Bundy Ranch, Waco, Texas 2020, American energy independence 2020, American energy 2020, American chutzpah 2020, American vigor 2020, American potency 2020. You can shove your cultural Marxism back into your closed down and triple face masked sociology department cuz you ain’t controlling my speech with your guilt riddled and bullying political correctness 2020.

Once loyal democrats stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Can they possibly realize what a mess they have on their hands? This uniparty.

It will be a badge of courage to stand trial, a rallying cry for hundreds and thousands who support each of them.

It’s emblematic of their disconnection that they think arrests like these matter. It’s emblematic of their disconnection that they think deplatforming like this matters. We aren’t a machine to be controlled by the proper dials. We aren’t a thing. We aren’t an object. We aren’t a hydra. We aren’t a many headed beast. We are 300 million individuals. You are the 30 million strong political class, if I am to be generous in the estimate of those who believe the American political class operates in their best interest.

You cut down a general, you silence a voice, you make an example of another. These are trifling efforts. The energy will come out of somewhere. And with every attempt of yours to contain the energy, you only embolden us further.

The Great Awakening is here. The Second American Revolution is here.

Make no mistake, I do not advocate for a kinetic war.

Murray Rothbard in his four volume collection on the Revolutionary War period, Conceived in Liberty, (https://mises.org/library/conceived-liberty-2) writes of a people who from the early 1760s to the mid 1770s had undergone a revolution of mind and spirit. This was the true revolution. What followed was a bloody rebellion in response to a ruling class in denial that they had lost control of the minds of the people and who were obstinate to maintain a semblance of control.

“Perception is reality,” King George said to himself as the first shot rang across Lexington.

“Perception is reality,” the greatest military on earth assured themselves as they chased a bunch of shoeless hillbillies across the frozen Christmas terrain of New York.

“Perception is reality,” they claimed to themselves to their dying day, those who could never understand how such pitiful and lowly creatures as common humans could ever defeat a group so certain of their own superiority in oppressing another.

Perception is not reality. Reality is reality.

Such blinding hubris comes from being the establishment class of the greatest empire on the planet. The British Parliament and the old blind King George could barely see far enough to glimpse that of themselves in the mirror. And the ruling class of the greatest empire on earth today lacks that same vision. How reliably pride precedes the fall.

The Second American Revolution is here. Does a bloody rebellion also take place? That all depends on how willing the masters are to acknowledge that they aren’t masters any more and to voluntarily be rooted out of our lives.

We don’t need them.

We don’t want them.

They have to go.

Hopefully, it’s all very peaceful.

But boy, do they seem dedicated to living in such a state of denial that history will look back upon as the great folly that so powerfully brought the once powerful to their knees.

How good it feels to win. How good it feels to see their outrage. How good it feels to see their grasp on power slip. How good it feels to hear their whining. It feels wonderful to see their moral turpitude on full display. I’m not outraged at their hubris either. I’m elated. They can’t hide it anymore the way they once were able to.

Here’s how burdened and stressed their system is: The slightest out of the ordinary behavior by a citizen activist today generates such immediate response from those in office. There has never been a more wonderful time than now to be an activist. Every unpredictable act reveals how entirely out of touch and out of control they really are. Use the FOIA uncomfortably, hang posters uncomfortably, make the phones ring uncomfortably, post a website uncomfortably — such as the wonderful “Brad Little Is A Disgrace”. Their slightest discomfort is brilliant to watch. If you aren’t already being as active as you can be, you are missing out on the fun.

And by that I mean, if you are spending even one hour a week on Netflix, instead of ending mask mandates today by sitting down  at your local “masks mandatory” store, hosting mask burning events, FOIAing everything from your local officials, and getting together with your fellow slaves through groups such as PeoplesRights and WAPF you are just missing out on the real fun of this moment.

But it doesn’t stop there. Not only are they a bunch of fainting violets on high alert and totally unable to make sense of what is happening around them, they are just revealing their total moral turpitude and what a sham it all is.

The economy was decimated based on lies. Life-saving medicine was denied based on lies. Communities, families, and institutions were devastated based on lies. A puttering, unpopular, controlled, old man is shuffling around the Oval Office based on lies. The stock markets were closed down based on lies. People were pulled off of social media based on lies. The US capital was turned into an occupied green zone based on lies. This list is endless.

2020 was the year corona communism came to the United States. It was also the year that the American political class guaranteed their total removal from American politics.

This isn’t a ruling class. This is a bunch of weeds with very deep roots.

We just have to be sure to get down to those deep, deep roots.

How violent will that process be? That’s up to them. We come in peace, but if they are the dummies who can’t count how vastly outnumbered they are, then they are in for a rude awakening.

Because 300 million pissed off people aren’t gonna be led by you anymore, and all of your whining shows how intimately you know that.

American political class, welcome to the begginning of your end. Step aside like generations of your fellow communists did around the world, and we’ll make this easy for you. Persevere, and you will feel a pain you never imagining possible in a civilized land.

You’re winning. We’re winning. Now act like it. Stop obeying their lockdowns. Stop humoring their mask mandates. Disobey their every psychologically obstructive request. If you don’t know how do that then read Allan Stevo’s best selling “” it’s a “how to” guide on never wearing the mask again, but more importantly a book that will passionately inspire courage, leadership, and liberty. Read his Lew Rockwell writing, sign up at RealStevo.com, or write him. But you don’t need any of that. Just be real with yourself. All you need is to resolve to live life by a higher standard and that starts by never wearing that mask again. 


  1. Shyamala Gopalan a Tamil from India came to study at Berkeley in 1958. LIkewise, Donald Harris from Jamaica in 1961. Married in 1963, Kamala Harris was born on October 20th, 1964.
    Kamala was not born of American parents; hence she is not American born(U,S, Constitution). Moved to Canada at 12, graduated there (Montreal) from Westmount High School in 1981.
    An impostor V.P. defrauding the public purse?
    Moreover, rigged election demonstrated, what would that make Biden…? Go figure …

  2. The enemy are those who are beholden and loyal to internationalist and globalist forces, and that is who almost all of the politicians in the “US” are responsive to. It is that connection which must be broken, and to do that the globalist media powers operating inside America must be removed and replaced with true American News and media. The media is the globalist pump which hides all the wrongdoing, creates divisions, and demonizes Americans. One of those influential globalists is talked about in the article below.

    “Schwab Family Values”

    “On the morning of 11 September 2001, Klaus Schwab sat having breakfast in the Park East Synagogue in New York City with Rabbi Arthur Schneier, former Vice President for the World Jewish Congress and closely associate of the Bronfman and Lauder families. Together, the two men watched one of the most impactful events of the next twenty years unfold as planes struck the World Trade Center buildings. Now, two decades on, Klaus Schwab again sits in a front row seat of yet a generation-defining moment in modern human history.

    Always seeming to have a front row seat when tragedy approaches, Schwab’s proximity to world-altering events likely owes to his being one of the most well-connected men on Earth. As the driving force behind the World Economic Forum, “the international organization for pubic-private cooperation,” Schwab has courted heads of state, leading business executives, and the elite of academic and scientific circles into the Davos fold for over 50 years. More recently, he has also courted the ire of many due to his more recent role as the frontman of the Great Reset, a sweeping effort to remake civilization globally for the express benefit of the elite of the World Economic Forum and their allies.
    In 1967, Klaus Schwab gained a Doctorate in Economics from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland as well as a Master of Public Administration qualification from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard in the United States. While at Harvard, Schwab was taught by Henry Kissinger, who he would later say were among the top 3-4 figures who had most influenced his thinking over the course of his entire life.

    [Image]: “Henry Kissinger and his former pupil, Klaus Schwab, welcome former- UK PM Ted Heath at the 1980 WEF annual meeting. Source: World Economic Forum”
    The most influential group that spurred the creation of Klaus Schwab’s symposium was the Club of Rome, an influential think tank of the scientific and monied elite that mirrors the World Economic Forum in many ways, including in its promotion of a global governance model led by a technocratic elite. The Club had been founded in 1968 by Italian industrialist Aurelio Peccei and Scottish chemist Alexander King during a private meeting at a residence owned by the Rockefeller family in Bellagio, Italy.”


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