Western Civilization Is Now A Caricature of Absurdity (This Is Not A Joke) — Paul Craig Roberts

front hole

Dear Readers:

If you have concluded that a small handful of crazed morons control the words we are permitted to use, you are correct. The LGBT (Lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender) community has decided that the word “vagina” is not gender-inclusive. The new unbiased designation of vagina is “front hole.”

The health website Healthline, together with the National Institutes of Health, Human Rights Campaign, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth journal, and Fenway Health in collaboration with Harvard Medical School, the National LGBT Health Education Center, and the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers have joined in the use of “front hole” as an “unbiased, inclusive, and contemporary term.”

One wonders how “front hole” qualifies as an unbiased gender neutral term. Does the male gender have a front hole? This effort to neutralize femaleness doesn’t work, but nevertheless it is the new politically correct term.

Healthline states that “it is simply not true” that “Healthline is now using the term ‘front hole’ instead of vagina,” but then corrects itself: “we use both front hole and vagina. ‘Front hole’ is one of the numerous, accepted terms for genitalia we use specifically for certain members of the trans community who identify with it.”

One wonders the consequences of referring to the “front hole” as pussy. Would the world end?

Men and women of my generation—fortunately we don’t have to endure this crazed epoch much longer—could generate endless mirth with the new politically correct term. I won’t do it here, but you men and women, assuming men and women still exist in the oxymoron called Western Civilization, use your imagination. You will enjoy the laughter.

For the idiocies of our present existence, champagne and laughter are the only answers.