What Not To Do in Gun Shop


Guns.com visited Rocky Ridge Shooters Supply, an old-school, one-stop shop for all things guns, ammo, optics, and accessories in northeast Wisconsin. Owner Mark Micoley has been in the firearms business for several decades as both a dealer and gunsmith.

Running a mom and pop shop, Micoley prides himself on the personal touch only a small shop can offer. He waits on every customer and loves assisting clientele in finding the best firearm for their individual needs.  While his passion for helping customers and sharing knowledge is at the top of his list, Guns.com asked about some pet peeves concerning gun store etiquette.

Micoley said one of the biggest issues is when someone brings in a loaded firearm for service. “People come in and they think they’ve unloaded their guns or they just haven’t checked before they come in,” he said, adding that he can’t even count the number of times it has happened.

Bringing a loaded gun into a gun shop and presenting it to the clerk is a major safety hazard, so take a few extra seconds to clear your gun before you leave home, and then again when you arrive at the shop.

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