Will The System Survive Another Lockdown?

lockdown 2.0

It’s happening again. All across the country. States are locking down their citizenry. The Blue States and their governors are first. They sure don’t seem to care much about crushing their already crushed economies. However they do care about their own authority.

Many months ago I predicted that there would be confusion (and MSM reinforcement thereof) regarding the Fall/Winter cold and flu season. The majority of people have been whipped into a frightful frenzy. As I had said, many who are getting seasonal symptoms of cold and flu are afraid that it’s coronavirus.

Interestingly, “flu” case numbers are nearly non-existent (we must have cured it) while covid “cases” are going way up.

Additionally, covid PCR tests are evidently inherently non-conclusive to an extent. For example, just the other day, Futurist entrepreneur Elon Musk has expressed doubts about the accuracy of coronavirus tests, after claiming to have been both diagnosed and cleared of the disease on the same day. He said, “Something extremely bogus is going on” after being tested while having had symptoms of the common cold. (There are many other examples)

Getting to the point, Lockdown 2.0 is coming. The tinder has been lit. The kindling is catching. The big wood will soon ignite.

Will the system be able to survive another major lockdown?

Harris/Biden have made it very clear.

They intend to mandate lockdowns to the fullest extent within their power to do so. Will they be in power come January 20th? I have no idea at this moment.

Regardless though, State governors will do what they want. Many of them have shown their true blue inner tyrant – as we’ve already seen. Will this time around be worse? They have promised a long and dark winter. Listen to what they say. They often tell you exactly what they intend to do…

Given the political social chaos that is about to unleash, and given the weapon of covid and lockdowns, I sure hope that you all are giving some serious thought to it. This time could be different than the last time. It won’t be just covid. It will also be during an ideological political war (for all the marbles).

I know most of you are quite well prepared. But I thought I would throw out this angle of complication — Lockdown 2.0

Again, top it off…

What to do? Like I’ve said before, “top off” your preps. Most regulars here are prepared. Some quite well with little worries for a long period of disruption. Maybe others need a little nudge to get ‘er done…

I suggest thinking about it from a perspective of the present political battle. I know full well that all of the anti-American powers in play right now will (by any means necessary) attempt to destroy what’s left of our economy, our willpower, our humanism, freedoms and liberty. They want us “broken”. They want Americans begging for socialism/marxism to “save them” (though the same Americans won’t know they’re the ‘useful idiots’ until it’s too late).

So I ask myself, “How can they further their goal this time around?” Well, covid and Lockdown 2.0 is perfect. Do it again. Shut ‘er down. Crush the spirit of the faceless masked middle class. When one person tests “positive” in that meat packing plant, shut ‘er down (affecting millions of us). Keep us all away from each other (whatever you do – you better not gather for Thanksgiving or be subject to arrest!).

It could be so much worse this time around. Why? Because as Dennis recently said here on the blog, “They are willing to risk all to take Trump down.” “This is their Bunker Hill.” “The whole idea was (is) to fundamentally change our country from a constitutional republic into a democratic socialist society.” “They see this moment in time as all or nothing.”

Oh yes ladies and gentlemen. This time could be much worse… It’s the perfect storm.

Remember this… When you give up some of your freedom, you rarely get it back without a bloody fight.

Get ready for Lockdown 2.0