4 Tips To Help You Survive Life’s Many Tricky Situations


Survival is an interesting word as we usually associate it with pretty extreme things. People want to know how to survive in the desert, how to survive in the jungle, or how to survive an attack. While learning about all of these things is definitely beneficial, it can also be helpful to determine how to survive throughout life, in any situation.

What I mean is that there are so many different things that happen in life which demand you
take action to survive. We’re not strictly talking about life or death scenarios, it could be things to do with money as well. For example, if you end up in debt, then it’s essential you learn survival skills to get out of it and avoid going bankrupt and ruining your life. Likewise, if something happens to your car, you need to learn how to address the situation and survive.

Things like this will be discussed in today’s article as I give you some life hacks to help you
survive in many different situations.

Always have an emergency stash of money

This hack will help you with many of life’s big problems. It goes without saying that the biggest threat to most people’s lives is financially-based. I touched upon it earlier, and it’s the fear of ending up in debt and losing all your money. If this happens, it’s very hard for you and your family to survive. So, if you know how to prepare for any pitfalls and counter them, then you’ll be in a much better position.

This idea is simple; keep a stash of emergency cash somewhere nice and safe. Why? Because it will come in handy when the time is right. Imagine you go to buy a house and take out a mortgage. Depending on where you live, the mortgage law can be slightly different, but you usually put a down payment and pay it back in instalments. Now, imagine you have an
expensive month because your car broke down and needed repairs. All of a sudden, you can’t afford your mortgage repayment, which can set you back and put you in debt. With your emergency fund, you have cash available to help cover the costs. The same goes for anything else as well; imagine your home needs repairing, and you can’t afford it – use the emergency stash of money. Got a high credit card bill one month? Use the emergency fund to help out. Set aside some money every month to contribute to this fund and keep yourself financial safe.

Invest in sandbags for your home

Sandbags may seem insignificant, but they can be a literal lifesaver for you and your family.
Primarily, they’re used to help soak up water. As such, you should buy lots of them and keep
them in your house. Why? Because this means you have something in place to protect your
home from various forms of water damage. Whether it’s a burst pipe or a flood from terrible
weather, you have sandbags to stop any flooding in its tracks and limit the damage it does to
your home.

Not only can this save you loads of money in repairs, but it can also help your family survive in a terrible storm or hurricane. By preventing flooding, it gives you more chance to get out and move to safety when an emergency situation is present. A simple hack, but one that’s essential for survival.

Always carry a toolkit with you

No matter where you’re going, always carry a toolkit of sorts with you. As a general rule, I think every car should have a toolkit in the trunk or under one of the front seats. This can help you in so many different ways. The obvious one is that it helps you fix your car if you have any issues while you’re driving. Let’s say a lugnut comes loose, get your toolkit out and tighten it up on the side of the road. Couple this with a spare tire and tire changing kit, and you can deal with any punctures when they happen as well.

A small toolkit in your backpack can also help you if you’re ever stranded somewhere and need to survive on your own with very little resources. You can use things in the kit – like a swiss army knife – to cut and trim items for you or even start a fire to try and attract attention.

Don’t go anywhere without your phone and a portable charger

Some of the old-school survivalists out there will probably think this is a stupid piece of modern advice. I’ll admit, it’s not something I ever thought I’d tell someone to do with regards to surviving life’s many dangerous situations. However, phones have become so important to modern life that they will help you out of loads of different scenarios, in multiple ways. The clear way a phone helps is that it lets you call for help, which is handy if your car breaks down if your house is on fire, or even if you get lost in the woods.

But, there are now more ways that phones come in handy. From a financial perspective, if you forget your card, you can now use a phone to pay for things. What’s more, a smartphone could also come in handy if anyone tries to mug you. If you don’t carry any cash and use your phone as the main payment method, then you only have to hand it over. The beauty is, most phones have GPS tracking, so you can find the mugger afterwards and alert the police. Speaking of GPS, you can look at maps on your phone to find out where you are and how to find a way back home if you’re lost. Lastly, they have built-in torches which are one of the world’s best survival tools.

It’s evident that there are lots of tricky situations in your life – from financial problems to incidents when your life is at stake. With my advice, you will have plenty of tips to help increase your chances of getting through all the tough scenarios in life.