…And the Circus Came to Town

pelosi democrats circus

It’s Nancy Pelosi’s smile that gets me…oh, and not in a good way. It’s a smile that is actually the opposite of what a smile is supposed to do: signal good will and good faith. Nancy’s smile is full of malice and bad faith, like the smiles on representations of Shiva-the-Destroyer and Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec sun god who demanded thousands of human hearts to eat, lest he bring on the end of the world.

It’s not exactly the end of the world in Washington D.C., but as the old saying goes: you can see it from there! It’s out on the edge of town like one of those sinister, broken-down circuses from the Ray Bradbury story-bag, with its ragtag cast of motheaten lions, crippled acrobats, a crooked wagon full of heartbroken freaks, and a shadowy ringmaster on a mission from the heart of darkness.

The new Democratic majority congress has convened in the spirit of a religious movement devoted to a single apocalyptic objective: toppling the Golden Golem of Greatness who rules in the House of White Privilege. They’re all revved up for inquisition, looking to apply as many thumbscrews, cattle prods, electrodes, waterboards, and bamboo splinters as necessary in pursuit of rectifying the heresy of the 2016 election.

The simpleton California congressman Brad Sherman (D-30th dist.) couldn’t contain his glee, like a seven-year-old boy about to pull the wings off a fly. As soon as the Democratic majority was sworn in, he filed his articles of impeachment to impress his Wokester San Fernando Valley constituents out for deplorable blood. That was even a bit too much for Madam Speaker who reminded Sherman that some scintilla of a predicate crime was required — but surely would be available when Special Counsel Robert Mueller hurls down his tablets of accusation from on high.

As for their quarry, the Golden Golem, a.k.a. D.J. Trump, I’m not convinced that he is a mere hapless yegg waiting to be sliced, diced, and skewered. He’s POTUS, after all, and has access to quite a bit of information and expertise. He’ll shortly have a new Attorney General on board, William Barr, who might just ask the question that has been hanging in the air like a pulsating zeppelin for two years, viz: has Mr. Mueller even paid a casual glance at the shenanigans going on all around him in the Department of Justice and the FBI lo these many many months of prosecuting Trump factotums on rinky-dink process charges? And might all that monkey business in politicizing the agencies, and scheming to undo Mr. Trump even turn up as a footnote in that holy grail of the Mueller report awaited so eagerly by the inquisitionists?

It would be just and logical if Mr. Mueller had paid attention to the misconduct of the highest officials in the DOJ and FBI beginning in the winter of 2016, since there is an evidence trail as broad as the DC Beltway right out there in the public record. Maybe Mr. Mueller will surprise many of us and actually include the already-documented misdeeds of his protégé Mr. Comey, Mr. Strzok, Ms. Page, Mr. Rosenstein, Mr. McCabe, Mr. Ohr, Mrs. Ohr, Mr. Brennan, Mr. Clapper, Ms. Lynch, Ms. Yates, and sundry servants of the Obamas and Clintons, involved in the government-sponsored coup attempt. They will eventually have to answer to somebody. I believe that somebody will be Mr. Barr, who will finally have the authority to ignite a counter-inquisition.

It’s important to set these matters aright, if you want to keep the constitution. Under the narcoleptic Jeff Sessions, the institutional rot turned into a possibly fatal gangrene. Did certain parties want to send patsies like George Papadopoulos to prison for a couple weeks, or break, defame, and bankrupt General Flynn under a recklessly malicious prosecution — because that was all that they had to show for two years of looking under every rock and rotten log between the Potomac River and the Kremlin? Has Mr. Mueller even noticed the established fact that Hillary Clinton supplied the inquisition with its founding, false documentary evidence?

So, let the circus begin on Capital Hill. Let them kick out the jams, as we used to say back in Woodstock era. Let Nancy Pelosi finish the work that the Democratic Party started with the election of 2016 — its own destruction as a viable political force. Let all the darkness and malice be wrung out of it so the country can return to its senses and start paying attention to things that really matter, backed by institutions that people of good faith can believe in.

Reprinted with permission from Kunstler.com.