Commie NYC Mayor Announces Plans To Steal Private Property

NYC mayor

The communist mayor of New York City has announced plans to literally steal the property of landlords he doesn’t like in the big apple. The city government would be allowed to steal the buildings of landlords who force tenants out. De Blasio’s opponents say this plan amounts to “straight communism,” and that’s a fact. 

Bill De Blasio in his State of the City address on Thursday, announced he wants to take action against landlords who try to force tenants out by making the property unliveable, according to a report by Fox News. He then pulled out an executive order to create a Mayor’s Office to Protect Tenants. He said that in the event the government intervenes, the buildings would then be controlled by a “community nonprofit.”  But theft is still theft.  There’s no morality behind De Blasio’s plan.

“When a landlord tries to push out a tenant by making their home unlivable, a team of inspectors and law enforcement agents will be on the ground to stop it in time,” he said, according to the New York Daily News. “If the fines and the penalties don’t cut it, we will seize their buildings and we will put them in the hands of a community nonprofit that will treat tenants with the respect they deserve.”

“My first reaction was: Is this communist Cuba?” state Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis, who ran against De Blasio in the 2017 mayoral race, told Fox News. “ I can say that as a daughter of Cuban refugees who fled Castro’s Cuba in 1959, this is what happened to her family, she had her home taken, my grandfather had his gas station taken.” Malliotakis added, “This is extreme even for Mayor de Blasio because we know that he has socialist leanings, but this is straight communism and I think it’s very scary to America-loving, democracy-loving people.”

This should be condemned by literally every human on earth, whether they vote republican or democrat.  No human ever has the right to steal the property of another human. And that extends to the humans who think they are gods in government.

Malliotakis also said that the proposal was highly hypocritical of the mayor, as she says the city runs some of the worst housing in the country via the NYC Housing Authority. She also expressed some doubt as to how his plan to seize property would fare. “Any attempt to seize property will face a court challenge and the mayor himself comes up with these ideas, throws stuff out there and doesn’t know how he intends to make it happen,” she said. “It’s all rhetoric.”

But De Blasio’s plans are more of a “communism for everyone” and until good people stand up and refuse to be controlled by the government, dictators like De Blasio will continue to use force and violence against them.


    • Here’s where you’re WRONG dude. This is called asset forfeiture but this time against the RICH. But not based on popularity or personal vendettas. These realtors threaten to bomb tenants out, declare legal tenants evicted, harrass w/ dangerous chemicals, construction, bed bugs, making many site into illegal flophouses etc and its nearly always the poor and elderly who get shafted. Landlords in NYC have gotten away with total impunity and lawlessness for decades- and its getting worse. They’ve become criminal mafias operating terrorists. Some of them operate with tactics like petty dictators running a drug empire. Their buildings should be seized when fines for illegal violations are ignored, and criminal acts cant be stopped. To do otherwise has been to protect the LAWBREAKING criminal cartel. Same method should be used against Goldman Sachs, Citigroup etc. Instead WE donated 1 Trillion to THEM in taxes to cover their bets to continue their corruption. Consequences for ILLEGAL bahaviour are required by law. To say that prosecution is communist is totally assinine. What utter stupidity. Illegal racketeering, fraud and sometimes murder (yes in several cases) is NOT a right covered by the constitution. Grow a brain.

  1. Taking away and giving it to a supposed non profit agency so the agency can give all those swell apartments to all their FRIENDS and RELATIVES…..just like the Jew Bolshevik Soviets did in RUSSIA. Pure COMMUNISM if I ever heard of a plan…..PURE COMMUNISM….. NYC should be ashamed they elected such a COMMIE to be their Mayor. Don’t you remember Mayor John Lindsay? He would never have done something like this in a million years!!! He gave a damn about NYC….not this charlatan….he only looks out for the bottom line that can LINE HIS POCKETS!!!!

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