Democrats Begin Eating Themselves Prepping for 2020

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Ideological possession always ends in pogroms. When the leadership of the most powerful organization in the world is at stake nothing is off limits, especially for power-hungry Democrats.

This is why we’re now seeing a concerted effort to smear Bernie Sanders just after he announced his Presidential campaign for 2020. The Democrats blame him for splitting the party in 2016 which allowed Trump to win.

This, of course, is nonsense. Trump took up Bernie’s mantle of championing Hillary’s ‘deplorables’ and repackaged it as MAGA. Simply good marketing. And since she didn’t have a campaign and was seen as one of the architects of the policies which brought those people out for Bernie, handicapping the election was really easy.

The response was predictable. The American left lost its collective mind in November 2016.

Since then, to assuage their grief, they have latched onto the patently insane idea that Trump was an agent of the Kremlin. As Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has dragged on and on we’ve been given the pretty clear picture that it was Hillary and the rest of the DNC who concocted this story to get Trump removed from office.

And failing that it would be an open wound to keep Democrats hopeful, Trump chasing his tail and any reforms he might make to the unreal levels of corruption in D.C. stymied.

All of this in the hopes of ruining Trump for the Democrats to win in 2020. It was coldly calculated. The media was happy to oblige. And what’s next is the demonization of Bernie Sanders.

Burning for Bernie

Because Bernie Sanders is a secret Kremlin agent.

You see, at some point in the past Bernie’s campaign manager worked with *gasp* Paul Manafort! And that makes him a suspect. Then he wouldn’t vote for sanctions and wasn’t for endless war with Russia.

Caitlin Johnstone has a great article up detailing the insanity of the Bernie as Russian Spy story. She’s right that it is the delusional RussiaGate that has made this possible.

Since it [RussiaGate] has no basis in facts or reality, the only way to keep alive a crisis that is made of pure narrative is to keep feeding it with more narrative. Anyone who has helped do that is partly responsible for the frenzied, hysterical environment we now see before us in which a Bernie Sanders campaign which hasn’t even begun yet is already being undermined by completely baseless allegations of Kremlin collusion.


And Ms. Johnstone is also correct that Bernie himself, keeping his 2020 aspirations high, has helped the very thing being used to smear him now, RussiaGate.

But, this smear campaign has a cause, and it isn’t just the lunatic Left smarting over the rejection of their lunacy by desperate, ten-toothed deplorables.

Because the DNC are delusional enough to think that it was Bernie, like Ralph Nader in 2000, who cost the Democrats the presidency. It couldn’t have possibly been a terrible candidate, lack of message, and appearing as the party of the unelected oligarchy who were too busy strip-mining the country to notice that a lot of people were really angry about it.

No. It was Bernie’s fault. Self-reflection is not a strong point of ideologues.

You see, Bernie could have been a Manchurian Candidate all along as part of Putin’s nefarious plot to thwart the imperial aspirations of the anointed femi-Nazi Hillary.

These are talking points created by the Clinton wing of the DNC to discredit Bernie by painting him with the guilt-by-association brush.

There are few things in this life that made me laugh louder than this.

But it is also very dangerous.

Proxy Wars

Turning the mob on Bernie is exactly the same type of thinking that led to funding the Mujahadeen to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980’s.

It’s the same misguided planning that created ISIS to overthrow Assad. Use proxies to undermine your opponent. Accuse them of things patently untrue and raise suspicion of them and their motives.

Then create an army of radicalized, frothing-at-the-mouth, unthinking lunatics to do your bidding on the battlefield. It doesn’t matter whether its the Syrian desert or the digital ones of Twitter and Facebook. What matters is keeping people hating The Other with an intensity that defies reason and ensures that no outside information makes it through the filter of the cult.

Alinsky 101. And who is the chief Alinskyite of the DNC? Hillary Clinton.

Make no mistake that’s because Hillary still thinks she can win a rematch in 2020.

Still think Hillary isn’t running? So it’s just coincidence that days after Kamala Harris (D – Herself) announced her candidacy Willie Brown breaks his silence on their affair.

This is prima facia evidence that the Democrats’ crazy has jumped the shark, however. In their single-minded quest to beat Trump the Clintons and their allies do not see the damage they are doing to not only the institutions they think they deserve to control but also to their own feathered nests.

The problem here is the unintended consequences of unleashing forces you can’t control. Proxy wars (political or military) create knock-on effects that grow beyond you.

They take on lives of their own. This is especially true among leftists who have rejected all other forms of limits on their behavior. They have been encouraged, by people like Clinton, to view culture as despotic.

Pelosi calls walls immoral.

New York has made infanticide a legal right.

The MAGA hat is the new Swastika.

It’s not about ideas anymore. It’s about purity. And the left turning on Bernie Sanders was already in full swing before Hillary mobilized a few of her media quislings.

This mania leads to people becoming so insane they think it’s okay to incite violence against 15 year old kids for standing still and smiling inext to grown men act like jackasses in public while cheering on pre-pubescent transvestite drag queens.

Do you think Hillary has the chops to navigate this insanity for a year and a half?

She couldn’t handle Trump in 2016… or campaigning for that matter.

Eat the Rich

Your clue that things have reached that point is none other than everyone’s media darling, Marxist lunatic Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez.

Machine Democrats lost seats in the primaries to ideologues like Cortez. She’s not stupid, folks. She’s Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton 30 years ago. And she’s going to run their playbook better than they ever did.

Pelosi has no idea what she’s up against. She still thinks she’s got this under control. But she is in a fight for her political life with Trump over the border wall which he will win if he wants to.

Because he’s laying the groundwork to declare the emergency after raking them over the coals politically. He can’t lose this fight to her now when he has all the tools to make it happen. She’s the one with no cards to play now that the government is back in business looting people.

All it will take to beat her is a small cadre of Democrats to cross the line and cut a deal with Trump. He already offered a politically reasonable trade.

Does anyone think AOC won’t lead a small insurrection against Nasty Nancy over this? Or, at least, demand even more concessions from the party vis a vis committee appointments.

The Hildebeast

Hillary is the queen of slash and burn politics. She is Emperor Palpatine without the charisma.

And she’s also, like all generals, fighting the last war. Sending her media shock troops out against Bernie Sanders, a man already reviled for selling out to her in 2016, is an admission that she’s completely out of touch with the realities of 2019.

What Hillary is missing is that the political calculus of her past is over. If you don’t speak for the people you cannot win today. She will not be able to remake herself into a populist. She is damaged goods at a fundamental level. The kids who voted for AOC will never vote for her.

The Deplorables no matter how upset they are with Trump, if he stands firm on the wall and throws them some crumbs on foreign policy, will happily vote for him over her.

Hillary’s not stupid, however. She knows the Democratic field is a puddle rather than a lake. So she is looking to destroy up front those candidates she thinks are the strongest.

It’s why Fauxcahontas will get a pass because she’s a laughing stock and even more unlikeable than Hillary is.

And that’s why Hillary’s throwing her hat in the ring now, via her proxies. But, between now and when she actually announces she will let her opposition Democrats fall on each other like zombies on the last corpse.

Reprinted with permission from Gold Goats ‘n Guns.


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