Do Americans Want To Die For Israel? — Paul Craig Roberts


Only a few days remain before Trump announces whether he is pulling the US out of the multi-nation agreement with Iran. Iran has kept the agreement.


Even Washington’s vassals—UK, France, Germany—have announced that they are sticking with the agreement.


So where is the pressure on Trump coming from to destroy the carefully negotiated agreement in which Iran agreed to forgo development of nuclear weapons?


It comes from Israel and Israel’s American Fifth Column—the neoconservatives.


Israel is the reason for Washington’s hostility toward Syria and Iran. Israel has twice tried to occupy southern Lebanon, which Israel covets for its water resources, and twice Israel was driven out by the Hezbollah militia.


Hezbollah is supplied by Syria and Iran. If Israel succeeds in using the US military to destabilize Syria and Iran, Hezbollah would be cut off from supplies, and Israel could succeed in its invasion of southern Lebanon.


That is what it all the lies told about Iran are about. By creating a bogyman out of Iran, Israel can build up the American public’s support for US military action against Iran.


The Saker says that “Americans should ask themselves—Do I want to die for Israel?”