East German-Style Gun Confiscation Orders (“Red-Flag Laws”) Coming to Wisconsin

red flag gun laws

It is 5:32 am.

Gary Willis, of Ferndale, Maryland answers a knock at his door. It is to be the last thing he will ever do. Seconds later, gunfire erupts as the police gun Willis down in cold blood in his own home.

Mr. Willis would become the first victim of his state’s new “red-flag” gun law.

Now for the bad news: It’s coming to Wisconsin. They’re calling it “gun control that even conservatives can support.”

But the truth is, conceding our gun rights doesn’t make the gun grabbers go away, it only emboldens them.

To quote Winston Churchill, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

The idea behind these dangerous new gun laws is that someone reports you, or “red flags” you to the government. A secret court (that you are not allowed to attend or have legal representation at) decides if you’re a “threat” and issues a gun confiscation order.

Just like that your gun rights are gone … no due process, no presumption of innocence, no legal defense.

Of course, when the police come to serve you and take your guns, they’re on high alert because they already believe you to be a threat … and they know you have guns.

And when you answer the door and try to assert your rights, or simply question what is happening, you get both barrels … literally. All it takes is for a nosy neighbor or disgruntled ex-spouse to call you in. Even if someone completely lies about you, there’s no due process for you to refute the allegations. It’s just like in a despotic Third World dictatorship where the secret police go around framing people and destroying lives to get themselves ahead.

Now, 12 states have already passed red-flag gun laws and Wisconsin will be taking up the issue this session.

The situation is extremely dangerous. Not only are both parties jumping on this bandwagon in an attempt to appear reasonable, but we can’t count on the institutional gun lobby to strictly oppose it, either.

That’s why I need to know if you’ll stand with me and WGO to OPPOSE red-flag gun laws in Wisconsin.

Will you sign the online petition for Wisconsin legislators? Will you consider a donation to WGO so we have the resources to fight this attack on liberty?

Thank you,

Corey Graff
Executive Director

P.S.- Wisconsin legislators are being pressured to introduce so-called red-flag gun laws. If passed, an ex-spouse could simply call the authorities to report you, and you lose your guns. One gun owner in Maryland has already been gunned down by the police because he didn’t immediately surrender his guns. This threat is serious.

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About Wisconsin Gun Owners:

WGO works for grassroots gun owners, not politicians. While many gun lobbies fight for “reasonable gun control,” WGO sets a higher standard: Defining the terrain of pro-gun political battle. Sure, many groups claim they’re “pro-gun” – all the while they provide cover for anti-gun deals cut by politicians – but only WGO truly informs gun owners, remaining committed to a 100% pro-gun position. We oppose all gun control – regardless of the political party – and work tirelessly to restore the Second Amendment. Visit www.wisconsingunowners.org


  1. What is it coming to? Are armed citizens going to have to form defensive groups in order to rescue from police custody those who have been wrongly imprisoned under these unconstitutional “laws”? Sign me up. Time to drop some old fashioned American Justice since there isn’t any coming from those sworn to uphold it.

  2. How about RED FLAG laws on POLITICIANS?! ? Simply DEMAND they do the exact same thing-PLUS.
    Politicians, Police, Judges, Government Workers make Life & Death deadly decisions every day.
    Public Servants are also expected to be held to Higher Standards due to their positions and maintaining the Public Trust.
    Therefore when they come out with such demands of their EMPLOYERS, their EMPLOYERS have the Right and Duty to make the same demand of THEM.
    WE demand THEY provide ALL their social media and computer searches, their e-mail accounts, Bank accounts and financial records for examination. Also Mental Screening, physical records, testing for steroids and illicit drugs. They must also wear GPS trackers so we can evaluate where they are spending their time. Screening for pedophilia and any other sickness.
    If it is good enough for US it is certainly good enough for Our EMPLOYEES.

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