Hard Times, Seeking Help : Access to nearly 3000 survival and preparedness related .PDF Files

hard times

Dear readers,

I have fallen on (very) hard times recently, and would severely appreciate any donations that could be afforded. I’m not outright asking for help without offering a reward, so hear me out.

Over the years I have put together a collection of nearly 3000 survival, preparedness, homesteading, gardening and gun manuals (etc)  — and much more. It’s always been available to donor of any sort, and I would like to offer it to all readers who maybe never came across it. ( http://patriotrising.org/survival-preparedness-pdf-files/ )

You will be able to download all of them at once for you personal collection. (.RAR or .zip formats) and in .PDF format. It’s a project of mine for nearly 15 years now, and is beneficial to anyone that wants to have a digital copy, or print a physical copy.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. You truly will be getting a great collection for helping me out in rough times.