Man Tires Breaking Into Two Homes Unsuccessfully, Get’s Shot At Third Home

guns save lives

His burglar’s success, however, was short-lived: he smashed a window only to be shot “a few times” by the homeowner, according to police. When officers arrived, he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Well, when you can’t learn a lesson the easy way, you tend to learn it the hard way.

Police say it’s a clear-cut case of self defense and that the residents have been “extremely cooperative.”

Sgt. Lynette Park vouched for them as well, saying, “The family member had no other choice but to defend himself and his family by incapacitating the suspect by shooting him in the upper torso.”

Yet another story of a defensive gun use that saved innocent people from coming to harm. Nothing to see here…except the everyday reality to which the anti-gun propaganda parade is completely, willfully blind.


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