Massive U.S. food shortage coming – get a backup supply ready RIGHT NOW

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The hunger-relief organization Feeding America estimates that our country will be short eight billion meals in the next four months. Their food banks put out three times the usual this year, due to Covid-19 joblessness and homelessness, totaling over 17 billion pounds of food. On average, at least 10 percent of Americans cannot afford food that contains actual nutrition (organic whole food and non-GMO). Currently, one in every four families are experiencing food ‘insecurity’ during this pandemic, one in six families face hunger crisis periodically, and one in ten American adults (about 18 million) literally don’t have enough food to eat right now.

Food banks simply can’t handle the upswing, plus donations and volunteers are also running scarce. To handle the influx of the needy, the number of food banks would need to at least double, if not triple, so why isn’t the US Government stepping in to help? Can you say “socialism” without coughing into your mask? Even SNAP food assistance program is falling short. What’s the solution then? Will self-reliance determine 2021’s survival of the fittest? It sure is looking that way. Get ready for the next ‘scamdemic’ or ‘plandemic’ now, because it’s coming to America soon as a core strategy to the socialist/communist takeover by the Biden/CCP regime.

Prepper sites have been warning Americans for years, and the toilet paper panic was just a minor foreshadowing of a grim future for the food supply

One of the biggest mistakes amateur ‘preppers’ make is their storable food is void of nutrition. If you’re near starving and malnourished, then eating conventional bread and canned GMO foods won’t save you, but rather lead to more of the 900 diseases and disorders directly caused by nutritional deficiencies. In fact, every animal and every human that dies of natural causes actually dies of nutritional deficiencies.

Listen to Dr. Joel Wallach, biomedical research pioneer, physician, veterinarian, pathologist and author explain:

Whenever food shortages arrive, the cost of meat, dairy, eggs and bread skyrocket. That’s because most Americans believe this is staple diet, and that’s what they eat the most. American’s have been brainwashed for decades by food slogans and food pyramids that convince you the American diet is legitimate, when it’s just the opposite. Animal fat, processed oils, and gluten are a digestive nightmare, leading to clogged blood vessels, clogged intestines, and cleansing organ failure. To ‘prep’ by storing these kinds of foods is the ultimate mistake that can and will lead to certain early death.

Now, since China Joe took over, more and more contaminated food imports will come from industrial-polluted China for the upcoming catastrophic food shortage. Foods chock full of heavy metal toxins will be stocked 10 feet high on the corporate shelves of supermarkets and on Amazon for all the desperate, dumbed-down American consumers to purchase during their media-induced panic attacks.

Ordering take-out and food delivery adds to the chaos of malnutrition and financial ruin for millions of American families

Now that Covid-19 and the series of deadly vaccines has arrived (to stay for good), over 100 million Americans are ordering food from restaurants to be picked up or delivered, since there’s nary a dine-in restaurant functioning at capacity these days. That means more processed food cooked with blood-clogging canola oil is being delivered to Americans and more often than ever before. Canola oil is the cheapest oil on the market, so almost every restaurant uses it in almost every dish.

Plus, delivery of food costs an arm and a leg, as food runners get paid by the restaurants and through tips, sometimes twice over when people don’t realize it. This is emptying family wallets and purses faster, leading to more financial chaos, arguing, malnutrition, and compounded health problems (including catching Covid due to lowered immune function).

Tune your internet dial to for updates on food shortages and where to find the best organic, non-perishables. Remember, don’t buy lab-made Frankenfood as your way to feed your family when the SHTF. Buy storable food that has high nutritional value. You’re going to need it. This has been a public service announcement from Natural Health News.

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  1. Agree pretty much, except for a few points. It’s not Biden or democrats specifically who are screwing with our food- it’s corporations who are looking to make the most money possible. Which leads to #2… High quality, nutritious food spoils because it has all the ingredients necessary for bacteria/bugs/mold to thrive. Even if the food was nutritious to begin with (brown rice lets say), it loses value the longer it’s stored.

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